Viernes, 10 de noviembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Los agricultores buscan la salvación en Milei – Bloomberg
Argentina: El gran desafío es evitar una nueva hiperinflación – Manuel Adorni
Chile y Argentina formarán grupo de trabajo en litio y salares – América Economía
Bolivia: ¿Cómo la autocracia MASista depredó al BCB? – Américo Salgueiro
Perú: El crecimiento potencial – Iván Alonso
Aerolíneas apuestan por Brasil en busca de combustibles sostenibles – América Economía
Brazil Inflation Dips Back Toward Target Range, Backing Case for Rate Cuts – Bloomberg
Mexico Inflation Hits 32-Month Low as Banxico Meets on Rates
– Bloomberg
Big Tech, flush with cash, doesn’t want to buy your media company – Yahoo Finance
Stock futures point higher despite hawkish Fed – Yahoo Finance
US Futures Gain as Traders Look Past Hawkish Talk
– Bloomberg
Fed Sees Risks for Banks From US Office Space, Interest Rates
– Bloomberg
Are We Headed for a Recession in 2024? – Patrick Newman
The Fed Has No Plan, and Is Just Hoping for the Best – Ryan McMaken
Individual Investors Pull Most Cash From US Stocks in Two Years
– Bloomberg
Pentagon Is Starting To Restrict Flow Of Military Aid To Ukraine; Money Runs Out – ZH
Former ECB President Mario Draghi Discusses Death Of The Eurozone – Mike Shedlock
Eurozona: La inflación podría repuntar en próximos meses: Lagarde – Reuters
Lagarde Says Sustaining ECB Rate at 4% Should Help Tame Prices
– Bloomberg
Polish Central Bank Finds New Inflation Risks After Ballot
– Bloomberg
Protestas en España – Juan Ramón Rallo
España: El Estado desaparece e irrumpe – Carlos Rodríguez Braun
España: El riesgo es que Sánchez provoque crisis constitucional o peor – Bloomberg
Nvidia Is Looking Cheap to Some as 220% Rally Stalls
– Bloomberg
Mark Mobius Plans to Step Back From Mobius Capital Partners
– Bloomberg
China’s Under-Developed CDS Market Worsens Real Estate Pain
– Bloomberg
ICBC trying to curb impact of US ransomware attack, says China – Financial Times

Wealth Management

Flash de Opinión | Noviembre 2023 – EDM
Post Correction, the S&P 500 Is Already Up 6.4% – Market Minder
Time Preference Is the Key Driver of Interest Rates – Frank Shostak
Desmontando mitos económicos con Miguel Anxo Bastos – Juan Such
Why Stocks’ Recent Strength Points To a New Bull Market – Luke Lango
Las small caps frente a las perspectivas de tasas de la Fed en 2024 – MRG
Sovereign Debt & Currency Crisis: It’ll Be Worse Than 2008 — Peter Schiff
How’s ‘Historic Investment In Clean Energy’ Paying Off? – Issues & Insights
The Stock Market Is Incredibly Expensive. Don’t Run Away Now – Barron’s
The New Rate Normal Might Resemble Pre-Crash Norm – Vivekanand Jayakumar