Jueves, 7 de diciembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Milei tiene puede transformar las expectativas de los argentinos – Martín Redrado
Chile Inflation Exceeds All Forecasts Ahead of Rate Meeting
– Bloomberg
Venezuela recrudece el conflicto con Guyana por el Esequibo – El Economista
Bolivia: BCB aplica cupo de exportación del oro para preservar RIN – El Deber
Mexico Inflation Ticks Up Though Key Measure Continues Slowdown – Bloomberg
US futures mixed as focus fixes on jobs data – Yahoo Finance
3 events that could spice up ‘boring’ December for stocks – Yahoo Finance
Oil mounts rebound after hitting 5-month low – Bloomberg
Oil market caught by surprise as US output surges – FT
Arabia Saudí valora inundar mercado de petróleo y hundir precios – El Economista
ECB’s Lagarde Squeezed as Markets Boost 2024 Rate-Cut Bets
– Bloomberg
Europa no podrá esquivar más la recesión – El Economista
El futuro será nuclear – Manuel Llamas
Polish Central Bank Buys Gold According To Secret EU Plan – Zero Hedge
India’s Growth Boom, Election to Keep Central Bank on Hold
– Bloomberg
Nuevas rebajas de Moody’s a empresas chinas golpean bolsas mundiales – Valora
Moody’s advised staff to work from home ahead of China outlook cut – FT
China’s economy has a ‘steep hill to climb’ despite positive export surprise – HSBC

Wealth Management

The Wealth Tax You May Already Owe – Ilya Shapiro
Gold Retreats After Blasting to Record High – Peter Schiff
The Best Sector for 2024: Consumer Discretionary – Kelly Green
New Record Cash Levels – Investors Are Still Scared – J.C. Parets
What Really Drives Stock Market Returns – Robin Wigglesworth
Young Bull Market’s First Correction Is Complete – Market Minder
Constitutional or Not, a Wealth Tax Is Bad Economics – Allison Schrager
A Rising Stock Market Does Not Drive Economic Growth – Frank Shostak
The House, the Car, and How Much to Save for Retirement – Jared Dillian
Resist Doomism: How Investors Can Address Climate Risks Here and Now – Kunal Kapoor