Lunes, 8 de enero de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Gobierno alista operaciones comerciales en yuanes con China – Xinhua
Argentina’s new government faces crucial test over $16bn US judgment – FT
Brazil warns dengue cases could hit 5mn as extreme weather takes toll – FT
Chile: La inflación interanual disminuyó a un 3,9 % en diciembre – EFE
Dow futures sag as Boeing plunges – Yahoo Finance
Amazon Has Wall Street Seeing Return to Record High Stock Price
– Bloomberg
The US shale magnate trying to sell oil and gas jobs to Generation Z – FT
Largest US banks set to log sharp rise in bad loans – Financial Times
Will this year bring investor activism to Europe’s banks? – Financial Times
Alemania: Las exportaciones aumentan más de lo previsto en noviembre – Reuters
Claudia Sahm Yearns for ‘Soft Landing’ the Fed Can’t Engineer – John Tamny
No Smoking Gun Yet To Justify Magnitude Of Fed Rate-Cuts – Zero Hedge
Oil drops 2% after Saudi Arabia cuts official selling price – Financial Times
Oil sinks as Saudi price cuts weigh – Reuters
$34 Trillion In Debt, and Climbing… – Peter Earle
Politicians Can’t Rig the Economy Like They Used To – Tyler Cowen
What, If Any, Social Services Should the Public Sector Provide? – Walter Block
Boeing enfrenta inspección de los 737 Max 9 y se desploma en bolsa – Bolsamanía
China Stocks Slump to Five-Year Low in a Dismal Start to 2024
– Bloomberg
A Chinese shadow bank is the latest casualty of the country’s real estate crisis
– Fortune
La ‘banca en la sombra’ tiembla con la quiebra del gigante chino Zhongzhi – El Economista

Wealth Management

Perspective On A New Year – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
The Job Market Is WAY Worse Than You Think – Jeff Snider
A Look Ahead In the Markets By Looking Back – Brad McMillan
Sentimiento inversor y espacio para un rally del equity – Álex Fusté
As 2024 Dawns, the “January Effect” Is Still a Myth – Market Minder
Lessons from the Rise and Fall (And Rise Again?) of ARK – Excess Returns
Damos la bienvenida a un 2024 marcado por la incertidumbre – Andbank
Employment: Solid Headline, Plenty of Room for Doubt – Richard Moody
La divergencia internacional será la protagonista de 2024 – BNY Mellon IM
Las claves de las principales posiciones del fondo Selección de Cobas – TDND
Betting Big on Stocks Rarely Beats Boring Investing – Jack Shannon, Ivanna Hampton