Miércoles, 17 de enero de 2024

Economía Internacional

Milei’s ‘all-or-nothing’ stance faces crunch time in Argentina’s congress – FT
Cuba and Iran Are Still State Sponsors of Terrorism – Joseph Humire, John Suárez
‘25% chance’ of global recession: Harvard’s Rogoff – Yahoo Finance
US futures fall amid rate-cut reality check – Yahoo Finance
U.S. Shoppers Are a Hardy Bunch. Just Look at Retail Sales – Barron’s
Markets heed central bank pushback against aggressive rate cuts
– Bloomberg
Investors finally pay heed to pushback on rate cuts – Yahoo Finance
Jamie Dimon on bitcoin: My personal advice is don’t get involved – CNBC
The Government Is Making the Economy Appear Better than It Is – Connor O’Keeffe
Oren Cass Naively Follows Craig Roberts Down Dead Path – Donald Boudreaux
Oil in Retreat as Risk-Off Mood Swamps Impact of Mideast Crisis – Bloomberg
Fed Rate-Cut Wagers for March May Lean Too Heavily on History
– Bloomberg
Stocks drop as ECB and UK inflation puncture rate cut hopes – Financial Times
Lagarde Says It’s Likely ECB Will Cut Rates in Summer
– Bloomberg
Lagarde: La bajada de tipos del BCE podría llegar este mismo verano – El Economista
Spain’s amnesty for separatists sparks investor backlash – Financial Times
UK inflation unexpectedly increased to 4% in December – Financial Times
China sufre un triple golpe que afecta su economía y agita la bolsa – El Economista
China’s population decline accelerates as economy reaches low growth target – FT

Wealth Management

6 movimientos de cartera para este 2024 – Morningstar
Breaking Report Shows What’s Coming In 2024 – Jeff Snider
Bitcoin, el nuevo chico en el mercado – Víctor Alvargonzález
Contango Vs. Backwardation: The Differences – Marc Guberti
Antony C. Sutton’s “The War On Gold” Revisited – Thorsten Polleit
Inflación que sigue su curso, pero ¿podría sorprender? – Andbank
Coming From An Investor, Rare Books Not An Investment – Elisabeth Dellinger
What If The Market Doesn’t Get All The Rate Cuts It Wants? – Louis Ashworth