Viernes, 12 de enero de 2024

Economía Internacional

Argentina Is Taking a Chain Saw to Its Economy. Investors Love It – Barron’s
Milei’s First Month: An Assessment – Octavio Bermudez
Milei Set for Boost From Best Argentine Soy Crop Since 2019
– Bloomberg
Argentina’s Importers Buy Bonds in Turnaround for Milei
– Bloomberg
Argentina takes unwelcome Latin America inflation crown from Venezuela – Reuters
Chile: ¿Reforma de pensiones o baile de máscaras? – Luis Larraín
Chile: Mérito vs. lucha de clases – Lucía Santa Cruz
Bolivia dentro de economías en crisis de Sudamérica en 2024 – El Diario
El factor que podría hacer subir al dólar en Colombia
– Valora
JPMorgan rises above rivals with record annual profit of $49 billion – Yahoo
Wells Fargo profit beats estimates, warns of lower interest income in 2024
– Reuters
BNY Mellon profit cut in half as bank books big charges – Reuters
Citi posts $1.8 billion loss after charges pile up – Reuters
US futures slide as bank earnings fail to thrill – Yahoo Finance
La inflación cobra impulso en EEUU en plena campaña electoral
Magnificent Seven Stocks to Give Way to Magnificent Many in 2024
– Bloomberg
CPI data shows March, May rate cuts are ‘unlikely’: Strategist – Yahoo Finance
Yield-Curve Dis-Inverts After ‘Cool’ PPI, Bullion & Bond Prices Bounce – Zero Hedge
Don’t Extrapolate Last Year’s Trends for the Global Economy – Mohamed El-Erian
Overregulation Strangling Panama & the United States – Casey Chalk
Why Govt Intervention Won’t Expand Treatment of Rare Diseases – Walter Block
Tyler Cowen Searches for the Economics GOAT – John McGinnis
Euro zone bond yields dip at end of busy week of issuance
– Reuters
Europe’s Record Bond Sales Draw Global Buyers Hunting Yields
– Bloomberg
Lagarde: Si ganamos batalla de la inflación, los tipos empezarán a bajar – Bolsamanía
Francia: Macron refuerza su nuevo gobierno con referentes de la derecha
China’s Worst Deflation Streak in 14 Years Puts Pressure on PBOC
– Bloomberg
China aumenta sus previsiones de producción de maíz para 2023/24 – Reuters
Las exportaciones de China caen en 2023 por primera vez en siete años

Wealth Management

More Bull Market In Store For Investors In 2024 – Market Minder
Do Stocks Really Make Sense for the Long Run? – John Rekenthaler
What In World Is Happening Trend Goes Back 50 Years – Stephen McBride
If You Want To Predict Where Inflation Will Go In 2024 Watch This – Jeff Snider
Los últimos datos de inflación marcan las perspectivas de los mercados – Andbank