Jueves, 15 de febrero de 2024

Economía Internacional

Milei sigue sorprendiendo – Ramón Parellada
Milei critica dato de inflación argentina; se centra en reformas – Bloomberg
Argentina: La soja aportará menos dólares de lo esperado – Bloomberg
Chile: Banco Central discute opción de flexibilización más rápida – Bloomberg
Chile Central Bank Keeps Option of Even Faster Rate Cuts on Table
– Bloomberg
El FMI recomienda a Colombia reorientar el gasto – AFP
US futures hit pause on rebound with data ahead – Yahoo Finance
Retail sales slide raises new questions about consumer – Yahoo Finance
Ventas minoristas EEUU caen con fuerza en enero – Reuters
US Futures Up After S&P 500 Reclaims 5,000 Level
– Bloomberg
GDP is a Poor Measure of Economic Health – J.R. MacLeod
The Bad News Underlying the Good News With Jobs – Steven Camarota
The Incredibly High Cost of Errant Capital Allocations – John Tamny
Bipartisan Fiscal Commission Needed To Deal With Debt – Michael Murphy
Does the Balance of Payments Determine Exchange Rates? – Frank Shostak
JPMorgan Asset Management quits climate action group – Financial Times
What Barclays’ history tells us about its current predicament – Philip Augar
How Gen AI will change asset management – Mohamed El-Erian
Bank of Canada’s Inflation ‘Buffet’ Muddies Timing of Cuts
– Bloomberg
Oil Holds Drop as IEA Casts Demand Warning, US Stocks Surge
– Bloomberg
EEUU dice haber interceptado armas de Irán con destino a Yemen
Directores BCE se resisten a bajada pronta de tipos pese a menor inflación – Reuters
Bruselas recorta la previsión de crecimiento de la eurozona para 2024
– Reuters
La economía alemana se contraerá un 0,5% en 2024, según DIHK
– Reuters
Reino Unido cae en recesión técnica tras otro trimestre negativo – Valora
UK economy slipped into recession in 2023 – Financial Times
Japan’s economy contracts for second straight quarter on weak demand – FT
UK (& Japan) Shows Markets Go Up, Not Down After Technical Recessions – ZH
US investors in emerging markets switch to ETFs that exclude China – FT
China Chip Stocks Look Like Long-Term Winners to Wall Street
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Groundhog Day As Studies Call for 100% Equity – Cliff Asness
Will a CPI Wiggle Really Factor 3-30 Months Out? – Market Minder
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway pares its stake in Apple – Financial Times
4 Warren Buffett Stocks to Buy After Berkshire Hathaway’s Latest 13F Filing – Susan Dziubinski
Broken Money Why Our Financial System Is Failing US And How We Can Make It Better – Lyn Alden