Jueves, 29 de febrero de 2024

Economía Internacional

Argentina’s Milei says he doesn’t need congress to save the economy – FT
Bolivia: BCB vende en dos días bonos por $us 428.000 – El Deber
El valor de la economía informal crece un 4,6 % en México
US futures turn green as key Fed inflation gauge keeps cooling – Yahoo Finance
Fed’s Preferred Inflation Metric Increases by Most in a Year
– Bloomberg
Key Fed Inflation Rate Confirms Bad News For Rate Cuts; S&P 500 Futures Rise
Fed’s preferred inflation gauge hits lowest since March 2021 – Yahoo Finance
Wall Street takes bets on which major central bank will blink first – CNBC
GDP Growth Is Inflated by Massive Deficit Spending – Ryan McMaken
Bitcoin to Moon? Thoughts On Why Behind All-Time High – Elisabeth Buchwald
Hunter Biden Had Designs On a Global Hedge Fund – Steven Richards
Capital One/Discover Will Enhance Competition – Jerry Theodorou
Teaching the Butterfly of Liberty – Nikolai Wenzel
Blind Spots of Critics of China’s ‘Tanking Economy’ – John Tamny
This Is Signaling An ALL-OUT Global Recession – Jeff Snider
Energy price rises signal persistence of European inflation – Financial Times
German Inflation Slows Further, Backing ECB’s Rate-Cut Plan
– Bloomberg
Uber chief unlocks $136mn in options after beating $120bn valuation target – FT
China descubre el yacimiento de petróleo más grande del mundo – El Economista

Wealth Management

How Rich People Create Poverty – Art Carden
How to Use Gold in Your Portfolio – Amy Arnott
I Don’t See Any REAL Slowdown Yet – Jeremy Siegel
Expecting a ‘Hot’ January PCE Print – Richard Moody
Will 2024 Be 1968 Déjà Vu All Over Again? – Martin Pring
Active Value Investing – Mario Albuquerque & Xi Liu & Que Nguyen
Home Prices Hit Another Record High. When Is the Fall? – Shrey Dua
Only Fools Believe the Market Rise Is Just ‘Magnificent 7’ – Ken Fisher
Billionaire Claure Forges New Empire After WeWork Collapse – Bloomberg
Fed Policy Mistake To Cause Bond Rush, Break The Economy – Alfonso Peccatiello
Inteligencia emocional para competir con la inteligencia artificial – Víctor Alvargonzález
We Need Free Markets, Not ‘Credit Card Competition’ – Bryan Bashur & Tom Hebert
Bancos centrales más cautelosos con las expectativas de recorte de tipos en 2024 – Andbank