Lunes, 26 de febrero de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia’s Socialist Rulers Mend Ties With Capitalists in a Nation on the Brink – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Desempeño de la banca dependerá de la macroeconomía – Asoban
Bolivia: ¿Qué características tendrán los nuevos bonos del BCB? – El Deber
Argentina: El proceso de recuperación de reservas del BCRA – Infobae
Argentina: BCRA fortalece reservas, pero está lejos del récord 2019 – Forbes
Javier Milei Ended a DC-Sized Deficit in…Nine Weeks – Peter St. Onge
Colombia: Sin crecimiento no hay paraíso – Alberto J. Bernal-León
Perú registra la segunda peor contracción en 33 años – Bloomberg
Goldman Strategists See Scope for Stocks Rally to Broaden – Blommberg
Stocks take a breather to start data-filled week – Bloomberg
Inflation back in focus after AI frenzy revival – Yahoo Finance
Inflation is Coming Down. Why aren’t Prices? – David Brady, Jr.
Fed’s preferred inflation gauge to test stocks’ record highs
– Yahoo Finance
Lawrence Summers’s ‘Inflation’ Miss Was An Economist Norm – John Tamny
Income Inequality Rightly Understood – Robert Mulligan 
Unleashing the Power of Free Markets – Will Sellers
Berkshire se acercará a una valoración de US$1B tras resultados – Bloomberg
Oil Drops at Week Start as Traders Gauge Market Balance Signals
– Bloomberg
La economía española ya es peor que la griega – José María Rotellar
Top Bank of England official raises concerns over non-bank lenders – FT
European banks promise €120bn of shareholder returns on interest rate gains – FT
China opposes U.S. sanctions on Chinese companies for Russia-related reasons – FT
China’s plan to reshape world trade on its own terms – Financial Times
Buffett Endorses Japan Trading Firms in Letter, Boosting Shares
– Bloomberg
Big Yen Shorts Get Support From Waning Global Financial Stress
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

The Great Conflagration – Cole Smead
The Truth About Money – Alfonso Peccatiello
Artificial Intelligence? – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Hartnett: Inflationary Inflection is Coming – VBL
Millions of Fund Investors Are Getting a Real Voice – Jeff Sommer
The Complete Berkshire Portfolio – John Divine & Wayne Duggan
The Key Takeaways From Buffett’s Annual Letter – Susan Dziubinski
In the Markets, As In Life, ‘Perfect’ Doesn’t Exist – Elisabeth Dellinger
EDM Strategy. Su mejor activo: los gestores y su escuela – Enrique Roca
Why Central Banks Have Been Stockpiling Gold – Ronald-Peter Stoeferle
What Is Money Debate with Lyn Alden and George Gammon – Jeff Snider
The Fed’s Money Printing (What You Must Understand) – Eurodollar University
Vemos las discrepancias más grandes de la historia en Renta Variable – Abaco Capital
Are Stocks About to Plunge? A Recession Indicator That’s Never Been Wrong Weighs In. – The Motley Fool