Miércoles, 28 de febrero de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: BCB capta $68.000 en primer día de venta de bonos en dólares – La Razón
Argentina: La magia del banco central independiente – Emilio Ocampo
Chile: Voto político a proyectos de inversión – Tomás Flores
Peru Approves $1.3 Billion Relief Package to Rescue Petroperu – Bloomberg
Brazil’s Wildly Popular Instant-Payment System Is Going Global
– Bloomberg
Lula’s gaffes are dulling Brazil’s G20 shine – The Economist
US futures slip in cautious countdown to PCE print – Yahoo Finance
Fed’s ‘bumpy’ inflation faces another stumble – Yahoo Finance
The ‘number go up’ meme is back — and not just in crypto – Yahoo Finance
Tech Leads Drop in US Futures Before Economic Data – Bloomberg
Bond Traders Capitulate to Fed’s Outlook on 2024 Rate Cuts
– Bloomberg
The Big Bond Steepener Is Flopping as the Fed Delays Rate Cuts
– Bloomberg
Is The High Level Of Debt A Major Economic Risk Factor? – Frank Shostak
EEUU revisa a la baja crecimiento del PIB del cuarto trimestre: 3,2% – Bolsamanía
Congress Overspends, but the Fed Inflates – Alexander W. Salter 
Energy Policy Is Leaving Vulnerable Behind – Kailin Graham & Christopher Knittel
Why the Fed Must Reduce Rates at the Next Meeting – Steve Forbes
Yield Curve: Still a Worthy ‘Recession’ Indicator? – Scott Ward
The Fed Is Still Measuring Inflation All Wrong – Alan Reynolds
How the Fed Caused America’s Great Depression – Roger W. Garrison
US Consumer Confidence Decreases for First Time in Four Months
– Bloomberg
Oil Declines With US Stockpiles and OPEC+ Supply Policy In Focus
– Bloomberg
The heartland oil refiner fuelling Carl Icahn’s empire – Financial Times
Investors Bid Record €2.6 Trillion for Europe’s Bond Bonanza
– Bloomberg
China Tells Quants to Phase Out Strategy Blamed for Turmoil
– Bloomberg
China’s Country Garden gets liquidation petition from creditor – CNBC

Wealth Management

How the World Became RICH – Mark Koyama
Big investors grow nervous about private credit boom – FT
¿Invertir ahora o esperar a que baje la bolsa? – Javier Hidalgo
¿Es el momento de vender sus acciones tecnológicas? – Dan Lefkovitz
Ucrania, del riesgo geopolítico al interés económico – Guillermo Santos
European Central Bank’s Much Feared Loss Is Banal, Not Bearish – Market Minder
El reto de los mercados privados en 2024: adaptarse a la política monetaria – UBP
Economic Time Bomb: The Silent Threat of Passive Investing Exposed – Michael Green
Preparen la cartera, la banca va a tener que vender muchos fondos – Víctor Alvargonzález
Stockmarkets are booming. But the good times are unlikely to last – The Economist
Cómo transferir dólares al exterior desde Argentina y cuánto se puede enviar – iProfesional