Lunes, 4 de marzo de 2024

Economía Internacional

Una cuestión de estrategia en Argentina – Manuel Hinds
Argentina: ¿Por qué anticipan que se viene una suba del dólar? – iProfesional
Argentina: Milei tiene oportunidad histórica de introducir un flat tax – Federico Fernánez
Argentina: Riesgo país cae a mínimos de 30 meses: operadores – Reuters
Bolivia a un paso de importar gas antes de ser centro energético – El Diario
Bolivia: Producción de cemento alcanzó 3.98 MM de toneladas métricas – El Diario
Bolivia: Soya se rezaga por falta de biotecnología y cae al quinto lugar – Los Tiempos
Colombia: Exministro Ocampo pide que Ecopetrol siga explorando petróleo – Valora
Colombia: Ecopetrol haría nueva exploración de petróleo con una condición – Valora
Stock rally pauses as more tests loom – Yahoo Finance
Why Wall Street is increasingly worried about inflation (again) – Yahoo Finance
Stocks Pause After Rally, Seek Rate-Cut Signals: Markets Wrap
– Bloomberg
Fed’s Powell to Double Down on ‘No Rush to Cut’ Message
– Bloomberg
U.S. Money Supply Is Making History Since the Great Depression
– The Motley Fool
The Fed Has Busted Housing Bubble 2.0 – Jon Wolfenbarger
Why The Fed Will Not Cut Rates in 2024 – Torsten Sløk
Is Inflation on the Rise Again? – William J. Luther
Has Bidenomics Worked? It’s Too Soon to Say – Tyler Cowen
Tax Preparation: A Monumental Waste of Time, Money – John Stossel
Data Show Trump Tax Cuts Soaked the Rich – Arthur Laffer & Steve Moore
Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Dangerous and Unnecessary – Daniel Lacalle
How Free Enterprise Means Delivering the American Dream – Doug Ducey
ECB’s Goldilocks Inflation Vision Tested by Data Drip Feed
– Bloomberg
Eurozona: Confianza del inversor mejora en marzo por 5to mes consecutivo – Bolsamanía
Eurozona: Confianza inversora mejora, pero sin reactivación clara – Reuters
Turkey’s Inflation Is Spiraling Near 70% With Rates at Peak
– Bloomberg
Volatilidad en petróleo tras extensión de recortes de la OPEP+ – Bolsamanía
OPEP+ prorroga recorte de oferta de petróleo hasta mediados de año – El Economista
Chinese Insurers Warn of Debt Risks at Property Giant Vanke
– Bloomberg
Japan’s Nikkei 225 Breaches Key 40,000 Level for First Time
– Bloomberg
Japan’s Capital Spending Jumps as Firms Surprisingly Bullish
– Bloomberg
Xi to resist market pressure to step up China stimulus efforts – FT

Wealth Management

¿Repunta la inflación? – EDM
Mascletá tecnológica – Enrique Roca
Be Heavy on Gold Now! – Francis Hunt
Are We There Yet? –  Joseph Y. Calhoun III
The Biggest Mistake Investors Make – Howard Marks
The Macro Trading Floor is back! – Alfonso Peccatillo
Rates: Should the Fed Stay or Should It Go? – Matthew Luzzetti
The Fed Cannot Cut Rates as Fast as Markets Want – Daniel Lacalle
Vuelven las semanas de Bancos Centrales: turno del BCE – Andbank
El proceso de inversión en empresas retail – Carmen Pérez, Cobas AM
Thinking About When the Stock Market Will Sell Off – Stephen McBride
Stock Markets Proving ‘Quantitative Tightening’ Isn’t Bearish – Market Minder
Netflix DCF Valuation: Is The Stock Undervalued? – The Acquirers Multiple
2024 Vancouver Investment Resource Conference – Danielle DiMartino Booth
The Fed’s Milkshake Brings All the Foreigners to the Yard – Brent Johnson
Buy & Hold alcanza 400 MM bajo gestión y su fondo Bonds supera 100 MM – Funds News