Miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2020

Economía Internacional

Socialists Made a Comeback in Bolivia, But the Boom Times Are Over – Bloomberg
España: Sánchez da el golpe de gracia a la economía – Manuel Llamas
España: Subida fiscal del gobierno recae sobre rentas medias y bajas – Diego Sánchez
España: Los presupuestos los pagarán los de siempre – Juan Ramón Rallo
El BCE pone rumbo a su próxima parada: diciembre – Invertia
El temor a un nuevo confinamiento duro en Europa espanta a los inversores – Bolsamanía
Joe Biden and the Biden Family Are Compromised by China – The Epoch Times
Don’t believe the polls — Trump is winning – The Hill
Is Getting Trump Worth It? – Walter E. Williams
The Polls Are Wrong: It’s Closer than You Think – Jim Rickards
U.S. Stocks Drop, Europe Sinks to Five-Month Low – Bloomberg
Record GDP Surge to Mask Moderation in U.S. Economic Rebound – Bloomberg
11 Trillion Reasons To Fear Joe Biden’s Presidency – Nick Gillespie
10-year Treasury yield falls for 4th straight day amid fears of a worsening pandemic – CNBC
Unmasking Paul Krugman’s Misrepresentation of Ayn Rand – Richard M. Ebeling
Germany and France prepare new lockdowns as Covid sweeps Europe – CNBC
Deutsche Bank swings back to profit in third quarter, beats expectations – CNBC
Liquidation? Gold, Silver, Bonds, & Bitcoin Dumped As Dollar Spikes – Zero Hedge
Apple develops alternative to Google search – FT

Wealth Management

Última oportunidad en planes de pensiones – Víctor Alvargonzález
Liftoff and collapse – Egon von Greyerz
A new gold standard is coming, brace for ‘monetary reset’ – Jan Nieuwenhuijs
Stanley Druckenmiller has a gloomy take on what’s next in the stock market – Market Watch
Gundlach: Trump Will Win Next Week, And By 2027 “There Will Be Some Sort Of Revolution” – Zero Hedge