Jueves, 22 de julio de 2021

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Censo nacional se realizará el 16 de noviembre de 2022 – El Diario
Bolivia: Economía podría retomar nivel de 2019 a finales de 2022 – Página Siete
Avianca da primer paso para abandonar el Capítulo 11 – América Economía
Venezuela: PDVSA reorganiza cargos clave y aumenta producción de crudo – América Economía
Pemex, estable en lo negativo: Moody´s – Marco A. Mares
Argentina: Aparece primer documento oficial sobre municiones a Bolivia – Ámbito
Argentina’s Economy Posts Sharpest Decline in a Year in May – Bloomberg
El BCE mantendrá los tipos bajos e incluso en negativo por más tiempo – El Economista
ECB Hints at Looser Policy for Longer – Barron’s
ECB vows to persist with negative rates in bid to fuel inflation – Financial Times
Europe’s travel industry is on a knife edge as Covid surges, again – CNBC
Vaccines Dramatically Reduce Deaths – Alex Tabarrok
The Real Reason Oil Prices Aren’t At $80 – Simon Watkins
Rising Covid Fears Are Unlikely to Dent Oil Prices – Barron’s
Will COVID’s Delta variant crash markets this summer? ‘Enough already’ – Bill Baruch
Biden confident $1tn infrastructure deal within reach despite vote setback – FT
Republicans ask for spending cuts with debt ceiling bill – Fox Business
Kudlow: What happened to ‘America First’? – Fox Business
Americans Should Root for the Irish Fighting Higher Corporate Taxes – Mick Mulvaney
Wall Street banks redirect China IPOs to Hong Kong after Didi shock – FT
Director Of Tokyo Games’ Opening Ceremony Fired Over Holocaust Joke – Zero Hedge
Why is Monetary Policy Focusing on the Overnight Lending Market? – James L. Caton 
Too Much Money Portends High Inflation – John Greenwood and Steve H. Hanke
Bitcoin Rally Finding Support With This Key Indicator – Bloomberg
The ‘Fake’ Paper Tail Is Wagging The Golden Dog – Ego von Greyerz
Klaus Schwab ‘The Humanist’ Versus Klaus Schwab ‘The Terrorist’ – Joaquin Flores
Time to Grab an Umbrella – Brian Maher

Wealth Management

A Bull Market Is a Bull – Jared Dillian
Carta trimestral 2T21 – Horos Asset Management
The Highest Forms of Wealth – Morgan Housel
Wall Street Breakfast: Mask Revival? – Seeking Alpha
Tesla Looking For Q2 Earnings Move – Bill Maurer
¿Qué descuenta el bono a 10 años ahora? – Daniel Lacalle
Intel Vs. AMD: Hourglass Model Predicts The Future – EnerTuition
A Very Dangerous Market: Interview With Fred Hickey – Christoph Gisiger
Worried About a Covid Resurgence? Consider This Moderna Trade – Steven M. Sears
Bestinver abre la caja de los truenos: “Es buen momento para hablar de correcciones” – Bolsamanía