Martes, 22 de marzo de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Arce acepta tensiones y dice que Morales es único líder del MAS – El Diario
A Chávez Admirer Could Take Colombia – Mary Anastasia O’Grady
Argentina: Ahora la culpa de la inflación es de las flautitas – Roberto Cachanosky
Argentines Flock to Crypto Games as Economy Eats Up Salaries – Bloomberg
Panamá retoma sus tradicionales ferias comerciales – Bloomberg
Bullard Says ‘Faster Is Better’ for Fed in Rate-Hike Strategy – Bloomberg
Fed’s Bullard on Rate-Hikes, Balance Sheet, Economy – Bloomberg
Goldman Now Sees Fed Hiking 50bps In May And June – Zero Hedge
The Fed Will Raise Rates… Until It Can’t – Peter Schiff
The Fed Just Revealed Its Game Plan For the Rest of 2022 – Phoenix Capital Research
Stocks Liked The Fed’s Rate Hike Plan. It’s Wrong – Larry Summers
Powell says Fed prepared to move more aggressively to tighten policy – Financial Times
Inflation: direct result of overbearing, dysfunctional gov policies – Rand Paul, Kevin Roberts 
Fed’s real inflation weapon will crash markets; Fake CPI is only getting higher – Peter Schiff
Fed Has Lost Credibility on Inflation – Mohamed El-Erian
Gasoline Prices Shoot Up at Fastest Rate on Record – The Wall Street Journal
The ‘Great Resignation’ has gone global – CNBC
Russia Expands Anti-Media Law, Sentences Navalny – Bloomberg
A Ban on Russian Oil Would Bring Eastern Germany to a Halt – Bloomberg
Elon Musk to officially open German factory to ease demand pressure – CNBC
Tesla’s Berlin factory is a big win for electric vehicle investors – Fox Business
Draghi endorses Ukraine’s bid for EU membership – Financial Times
El petróleo frena tras marcar máximos de dos semanas – Cinco Días
Mayor ‘trader’ de petróleo advierte racionamientos de diésel por guerra – Cotizalia
Los grandes traders alertan sobre la inminente escasez mundial de diésel – Bolsamanía
La volatilidad dispara el coste de emisión de ‘cocos’ de la banca europea – Cinco Días
European Union unlikely to impose an oil embargo on Russia, sources say – CNBC
Buffett Snubs Goldman Bankers With Quirky Takeover Price – Bloomberg
Archegos quietly built stake in Deutsche Bank – Financial Times
China’s Evergrande says lenders have claimed $2bn in cash – Financial Times
Bridgewater is reportedly preparing to back a crypto fund for the first time – MarketWatch
Taxes and State Competitiveness – Daniel J. Mitchell 

Wealth Management

Is gold too expensive? – Claudio Grass
Powell Gets Aggressive – Wall Street Breakfast
7ª Conferencia Anual Inversores 2022 – Azvalor
Weekly View – Lift off! – César Pérez Ruiz, Pictet WM
The Worst Run For Bonds Since 1980 – Michael Batnick
Aumentando la inversión en China y Asia – Enrique Roca
Un repunte de alivio largamente esperado – Charles Castillo
The Stock Market Is To Remain at Battle Stations – Pat O’Hare
Bill Miller’s Market Perspective: March 2022 – Miller Value Partners
Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook 2022 – Credit Suisse
Guerra entre Rusia y Ucrania: Implicaciones duraderas para la inversión – AllianceBernstein