Miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Suben déficit fiscal para 2022 a 8,5 % – El Diario
Chile eleva la tasa de referencia por segunda vez y se ubica en 7% – Bloomberg
Chile: Banco Central baja proyección de crecimiento entre 1 y 2% – América Economía
Argentina: ¿Guerra contra la inflación o contra su coalición? – Martín Simonetta
Ecuador: renuncia la ministra de Gobierno y el vocero presidencial – Bloomberg
El Salvador courts crypto ‘whales’ as traditional investors shun bitcoin bond – FT
The Media is the Number One Cause of War Since 1898 – Simon Black
Russia Sees ‘No Breakthrough’ in Peace Talks – Bloomberg
The Vultures Are Coming for Russian Debt – Bloomberg
Putin has built powerful barriers to prevent a coup – CNBC
Turkey may become the new playground for Russian oligarchs – CNBC
Did Russia Intentionally Trigger A Monetary System Reset? – Sprott Money
How the West Was Lost: A Faltering World Reserve Currency – Matthew Piepenburg
U.S. Stocks Drop as War Concerns Return, Oil Rises – Bloomberg
U.S. economic growth accelerates in fourth-quarter – Reuters
Study reveals what’s to blame for soaring inflation – Fox Business
Pimco Says Curve Inversion May Be Unreliable Recession Signal – Bloomberg
BofA: Stock Surge Is a Bear-Market Trap With Curve Inverted – Bloomberg
Why an inverted yield curve may not be all bad for U.S. banks – Reuters
War in Ukraine: what explains the calm in global stock markets? – Financial Times
Alemania: La inflación creció al 7,3%, la más alta desde la reunificación de 1990 – Infobae
Alemania se prepara para racionar gas ante posibles cortes – Libre Mercado
German economic advisors send recession warning as Putin’s gas deadline nears – CNBC
Germany takes step towards gas rationing over payment stand-off with Russia – FT
French energy regulator does not expect gas supply problems – Reuters
European Environmentalists Have Made Energy Independence Impossible – Daniel Lacalle
Oil prices back on the rise as inventory falls sharply – Fox Business
ECB president warns ‘supply shock’ from Ukraine war will drive up prices – FT
As Fred Smith Steps Down At FedEx, President Biden Steps In It – John Tamny
How would Joe Biden’s proposed ‘billionaire tax’ work? – Financial Times
Biden’s New Minimum Tax On Billionaires: Another Economy-Killing Tax – Steve Forbes
The Business Conference Is Back. Here’s How to Make It Better – Tylwer Cowen
China’s Growth Forecasts Cut as Covid Lockdowns Spread – Bloomberg
China’s rich are moving their money to Singapore – CNBC
Bill Ackman to abandon public battles for quieter investment approach – Financial Times
Fed Liquidity Drain Is Coming: QE 5 is closer than most investors think! – Michael Lebowitz
The Fed Owned The Bond Market, Now It’s Breaking It – Garfield Reynolds

Wealth Management

China: To Invest or Not To Invest? – Alfonso Peccatiello
El improbable aterrizaje suave de la FED – Hugo Ferrer
Is International Diversification Necessary? – Amy Arnott
Is Recession the Only Answer to Inflation? – Jared Dillian
The Safe Investor Havens In 2022? Not Bonds – Joseph Calhoun
Four Ways Value Investors Can Use Momentum – Jack Forehand
Resolver todo a base de deuda tiene un precio – Víctor Alvargonzález
Un mes de guerra en Ucrania: la reacción de los mercados – Valerio Baselli
Occidental Petroleum Vs. Exxon Mobil: Which Is The Better Buy? – Jim Sloan
This Is the Only Trigger I Know Of That Predicted the 2020 Crash – Phoenix Capital Research
Mantener la calma mientras se transforma el orden mundial – Fidelity International