Martes, 19 de abril de 2022

Economía Internacional

FMI mejora proyección para América Latina a 2,5% en 2022 – El Deber
Bolivia: Ratio de deuda pública total es 43,6%, dice gobierno – Página Siete
Ecuador, cada vez más atractivo para las inversiones mineras – Bloomberg
Argentina: “Renta inesperada” – Roberto Cachanosky
Populismo y asamblea parlamentaria Eurolat – Carlos Malamud
La Bolsa de Brasil deslumbra en mitad de la tormenta – Cinco Días
Brasil: La venta de Eletrobras en momento decisivo – Bloomberg
México: AMLO mira al litio mexicano tras desaire a reforma eléctrica – Bloomberg
España: El FMI recorta un punto su previsión de PIB hasta 4,8% – Cotizalia
FMI recorta pronóstico de crecimiento global debido a guerra en Ucrania – Reuters
IMF cuts global growth forecast amid Russia-Ukraine war – Yahoo Finance
IMF cuts global growth forecast to 3.6% as Ukraine war hits neighbours hard – FT
Russia plans to sue over frozen currency reserves, central bank says – Financial Times
Why a near-term recession is unlikely: Morning Brief – Yahoo Finance
Europa prevé pagar mayor parte de reconstrucción de Ucrania – Bloomberg
Russia’s Ruble/Gold Link: Practical Admission of What Money Is – John Tamny
Can Trust In Public Health Be Saved Aft. C19 Alarmism? – Steve Forbes
Here’s Why Few Want to Talk About Sweden, C19 – Johan Anderberg
Johnson & Johnson misses on revenue, suspends vaccine sales – Yahoo Finance
Oil’s Rally Halts as Fed Comments, Dollar Stoke Risk-Off Mode – Bloomberg
Can the EU wean itself off Russian gas? – Financial Times
Keynesians and Market Monetarists Didn’t See Inflation Coming – Bob Murphy
Forget About A Soft Landing, What’s The Shape Of The Hard Landing? – Mike Shedlock
Federal Reserve fighting inflation with a ‘limited set of tools’ – Mark Avallone 
Fed tightening sends US ‘real yields’ to brink of positive territory – Financial Times
Peak inflation may be upon us, market expert says – Fox Business
Biden wants to punish success, and ‘the story gets worse and worse’ – Larry Kudlow
The Restaurant Industry Doesn’t Need Another Bailout – Christian Britschgi
American Business Has Never Seen Anything Like This – Patrick Watson
Investors turn cautious on Chinese stocks amid growth concerns – CNBC
Netflix se desploma un 23% tras perder 200.000 suscriptores – El Economista

Wealth Management

Is This “Recession” Already Priced In? – J.C. Parets
Comentario semanal de mercados – Fernando Luque
Gold: ETF demand to the rescue! – Luc Luyet, Pictet Wealth Management
Ray Dalio on inflation, recession outlook and stagflation – Yahoo Finance
How to Pick Dividend-Payers, Plus My Favorite One to Buy Now – Thompson Clark