Martes, 3 de mayo de 2022

Economía Internacional

Brazil Front-Runners Fail the Street Test Six Months Before Vote – Bloomberg
Brasil: Producción industrial crece más de lo previsto – Bloomberg
Brasil: Barclays prevé gran repunte del real por alzas de tasas – Bloomberg
Argentina: Al kirchnerismo no le gusta Guzmán – Roberto Cachanosky
Venezuela revive al bolívar mientras hace de lado al dólar – Bloomberg
Perú: El futuro de los contratos petroleros – Iván Alonso
¿Aprovechará Bolivia la era de los metales estratégicos? – Los Tiempos
Chile Boric apunta a alzas del combustible por aumento de la inflación – Bloomberg
Russia swerves default as Putin forced into dollar U-turn – The Telegraph
Russia races to avert historic default as bondholders wait for dollar payments – CNBC
Rusia evita default histórico tras pagar en dólares a sus acreedores – El Economista
Russia Is Returning To The Gold Standard And China Is Going To Be Next – QTR
Dollar Is ‘Mighty’ In the Way That Kim Jong Un Is ‘Tall’ – John Tamny
Hungary Definitively Rejects Sanctions On Russian Oil & Gas – Zero Hedge
España: La agonía de la búsqueda de petróleo y gas – Libre Mercado
EU considers exemptions to push through Russian oil embargo – CNBC
Germany’s economic situation is fragile, financial watchdog says – CNBC
Don’t Take the Surprising Drop in GDP at Face Value – John Cassidy
Say No to Biden’s Global Tax Cartel – Dan Mitchell
Make America Make Again – Steven Malanga
Stocks trade mixed as investors await Fed – Yahoo Finance
Wall Street opera dispar por decepcionantes resultados corporativos – Reuters
Big Stock Bears Say S&P 500 Bottom Still Another 700 Points Away – Bloomberg
Amazon growth warning hits shares of warehouse owners – Financial Times
Can The Fed Bring The Economy In For A Soft Landing? – Tim Fernholz
The Fed is Responsible for Great Inflations – Nicholas Curott, Tyler Watts
Pimco Warns Bonds Are Facing Headwinds From Inflation, Central Banks – Bloomberg
Oro cae a mínimo de 2 meses y medio con mercado atento a la Fed – Reuters
Euro cerca de mínimos de cinco años antes de posible alza de tasas de la Fed – Reuters
Draghi calls for end to unanimity on EU foreign policy decisions – Financial Times
España: La inflación ahoga a los ciudadanos – Daniel Lacalle
Price Indexes Aren’t Accurate Measures of Inflation – Antony P. Mueller
It’s Not the Putin Price Hike, No Matter What Joe Biden Claims – William L. Anderson
Bulls Have Much ‘Explaining To Do,’ Morgan Stanley’s Wilson Says – Bloomberg
Paul Tudor Jones: The worse financial environment for stocks or bonds right now – CNBC
Paul Tudor Jones Says Investors Are in Tough Spot With Fed in New Era – Bloomberg
Ken Griffin Says Fed Needs 4% Inflation This Year to Avoid Recession – Bloomberg
Anti-Ark ETF Adds Double-Leveraged Fund Mimicking Cathie Wood’s – Bloomberg
Citi says a trader error caused Europe’s ‘flash crash’ – CNBC
Citi Trader Made Error Behind Flash Crash in Europe Stocks – Bloomberg
Alibaba Recovers After Report on ‘Ma’ Briefly Erased $26 Billion – Bloomberg
Charlie Munger sobre Robinhood: “Dios se está volviendo justo” – EI
They’re Missing the Point About Warren Buffett (Again) – Thompson Clark

Wealth Management

Mayday Mayday – César Pérez Ruiz, Pictet WM
Hacia una nueva normalidad – Josep Maria Pon
Gold: A use case for the modern era – Claudio Grass
Qué es y cómo afrontar el rally inflacionario – Schroders
Welcome Back To The Old Normal – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Insanely Overvalued Stock Market MUST Revert – Mike Maloney
Berkshire Hathaway May Have Sold Verizon Stock – Andrew Bary
Una mala semana como final de un mes aún peor – Charles Castillo
Q&A en Directo: Formación Avanzada y mucho más – Paco Lodeiro
5 Oil Companies With the Biggest Momentum Right Now – Barron’s
10% Dividend Yield To Buy At 40% Below Book Value – Colorado WM
The Birth of Bretton Woods III? A Commodity Currency Revolution – IEO
Barómetro Morningstar del Mercado Europeo (Abril 2022) – Fernando Luque
Stock Valuations Look Cheaper. Why They’re Still Too Pricey – Jacob Sonenshine
El fondo soberano de Noruega avisa: “No hay dónde esconderse” – El Economista
‘Consejos de oro’ de Cobas para invertir en medio de la ola de inflación – El Economista
Rio Tinto: Falling Steel Prices, Rising Interest Rates Dull Miner’s Outlook – Geoff Considine