Viernes, 22 de julio de 2022

Economía Internacional

En Bolivia hay crisis económica y no va a mejorar – Mauricio Ríos García
Bolivia: El contrabando está salvando el déficit de maíz – Bloomberg
Argentina: El dólar a $337 no tiene techo porque el peso no tiene piso – Milei
Brasil: Congreso retira límite de gasto y prima de riesgo se dispara – Reuters
Petro versus Ocampo: ¿Quién gobernará a Colombia? – Daniel Raisbeck
Ecuador: Reformas inmediatas y viables – Gabriela Calderón de Burgos
Perú: Castillo nombra a su séptimo ministro del Interior en un año – LGI
Chile: ¿Por qué fracasó el proceso constituyente? – García-Huidobro y Ortega
España: Perspectivas económicas 2022 – Fundación FAES
España: Sánchez se inventa impuestos cuando tiene problemas – Lasquetty
España: Política, necesidades y obligaciones – Carlos Rodríguez Braun
U.S. Stocks Mixed as Social Media Weighs on Tech – Investing
¿Se acerca Estados Unidos a la recesión? – Daniel Lacalle
A key point being lost amid fears of an economic slowdown – Yahoo Finance
EEUU: Actividad empresarial se contrae en julio luego de dos años – Reuters
President Biden Is Finally Infected With the Virus – Jeffrey Tucker
Fauci: Covid Will Keep Infecting People, Even the Vaccinated – Barron’s
Is the Fed Finally Serious About Inflation? – Thomas L. Hogan 
The Fed Is Failing in Four Ways – Mohamed A. El Erian
The Fed must emulate the tactics of Volcker’s fight against inflation – Sheila Bair
“Transitory” No Longer: Double-Digit Inflation Is Already Here! – Joe Salerno
Recession Now Appears the Price to Pay for Beating Inflation – Bloomberg
Europe’s Economic Suicide – David Stockman
ECB Rate Hikes Risk Breaking Euro—and Europe – Brian Swint
A European Rate Hike Is the Global Economy’s Kiss of Death – Jeffrey Snider
Eurozone business activity falls to 17-month low, raising recession fears – FT
PMIs Signal Eurozone Recession After First ECB Rate-Hike In 11 Years – Zero Hedge
5 Reasons Why Interest Rate-Cuts Are Already Around The Corner – Ronni Stoeferle
Russia slashes key interest rate by 150 basis points in shock move – CNBC
Brent Oil Fluctuates as Soft European Data Fans Growth Worries – Bloomberg
German Government Bails Out Uniper From Energy Crisis – Zero Hedge
Alemania: Rescate de Uniper precipita tarifazo de gas – El Economista
Oil Prices Are Rising on Concerns That Supply Will Remain Tight – Barron’s
If You Want To Get Climate Serious, Get Nuclear Serious – Llewellyn King
Fossil Fuels Still Essential For Preserving Civilization – Richard Morrison
Top US Refiners Set For 652% Surge In Profits – Charles Kennedy
Comments On the Negative Consequences of Price Floors – Donald Boudreaux
Capital Outflows From China Sovereign Bonds Just Hit $30 Billion – Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Stocks Have Room to Run – Steven Vannelli
¿Por qué invertimos en Elecnor? – Cobas AM
The Road Ahead for Fixed Income – Peter Essele
Gold Shines As Recession Fears Mount – Fawad Razaqzada
La senda hacia las inversiones alternativas – Janus Henderson
Using Multiple Yield Curves To Predict Recessions – James Picerno
The Yield Curve Has Flattened Lately. What’s Next? – Market Minder
Does Crypto Investment Belong In Your Retirement Plan? – Neil Patel
Jared Dillian’s prediction on the housing market – Mauldin Economics
Unboxing Amazon: The Case for the Stock to Double, or More – Barron’s