Lunes, 1 de agosto de 2022

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Los subsidios no dan para más – Carlos Melconian
Argentina: Efecto Massa: el blue cae con fuerza a 303 pesos – El Observador
Argentina: La debilidad política del gobierno es muy grande – JC de Pablo
Argentina: El “crawling peg” del BCRA es insostenible – Juan Gasalla, Infobae
Chile: Economía crece 3,7% interanual en junio – América Economía
Chile: economía cae; altas tasas, inflación reducen la demanda – Bloomberg
Chile: Plebiscito constitucional se roba las miradas – Bloomberg
Ecuador: Bancos de Luxemburgo congelan activos por Perenco – Reuters
Colombia: ¿Qué debería hacer Petro para atraer inversiones? – Moody’s
Colombia: Ecopetrol y Petrobras hallan gas en aguas profundas – Bloomberg
Colombia recaudará $5.713 MM con reforma tributaria: Ocampo – América Economía 
Los riesgos de la estanflación económica – Mauricio Ríos García
¿Qué pasa con la economía global, está en recesión? – Mauricio Ríos García
Stocks start August lower ahead of earnings, data deluge – Yahoo Finance
Stock market rally in focus after best month since 2020 – Yahoo Finance
Dow, S&P 500 edge lower in choppy trading; Tesla lifts Nasdaq – Reuters
The Mind-Blowing Stupidity Behind $280B Chips for America Act – Rob Smith
Microchip Subsidies Confirm P.T. Barnum At Most Cynical – Michael Farren
Defining Recessions Down: Biden’s Act Will Not End Well – Issues & Insights
Bank of England Set for Biggest Interest Rate Rise in 27 Years – Bloomberg
Bets on a Dovish Fed Pivot Are Premature—and Self-Defeating – Barron’s
Fed’s ‘Zip Code’ for Neutral Is 50 Basis-Points Higher – El-Erian
Is This A Recession? Not Yet But Lots of Worries – James Hamilton
A Cautionary Tale About Populism – Eric Boehm
Chaos in Bond Market Is Dangerous Side Effect of Inflation Fight – Bloomberg
Gold Extends Gains as Investors Await Fresh US Economic Data – Bloomberg
Hezbollah Threatens Israel With War Over Disputed Gas Field – Charles Kennedy
Oil Plunges as China Slowdown Spurs Concern Over Demand Outlook – Bloomberg
China Evergrande Falls Short of Promised Restructuring Plan – Bloomberg
What’s next for China Evergrande after a restructuring proposal? – Reuters
Evergrande Creditors Demand Further Explanation for Billions in Seized Cash – WSJ
China Banks May Face $350 Billion in Losses From Property Crisis – Bloomberg
HSBC Jumps as Profit Rises, Bank Vows to Restore Dividends – Bloomberg
Apple Starts Four-Part Bond Sale to Fund Buybacks, Dividends – Bloomberg
Venture capital’s silent crash: when the tech boom met reality – Financial Times
Investors Think Elon Musk Will Sell More Tesla Stock – Bloomberg
Why being an investor feels terrible right now – Yahoo Finance

Wealth Management

Breaking Points – Ted Lamade
A Weird Recession – John Mauldin
Recession will deepen in Q3 – Peter Schiff
Markets Are “Fighting the Fed” – Wolf Richter
Bear Market Rally Or New Bull Market? – Sandy Ward
The Portfolio All Investors Should Have – Jared Dillian
¿Ha capitulado el inversor minorista? – Miguel Ángel Rico
The Bankruptcy of ESG Is Being Exposed – David L. Bahnsen
Weekly Market Pulse: Opposite George – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Future-Looking Stocks Trump GDP As Indicator – Market Minder
The Fed should be near the end of its tightening cycle – Jeremy Siegel
EE.UU entra en recesión, pero el mercado se recupera – Charles Castillo
Oil Eyes OPEC Amid U.S. Rates Poser; Gold On Jobs Watch – Barani Krishnan
Los ‘value’ preparan las carteras para unos meses complicados – El Economista
Deutsche Bank broke its own rules in enabling tax fraud, internal probe finds – FT
Gold does this during high inflation and recessions; what to watch out for – Jeff Clark
Claves para mantener la cabeza fría ante las turbulencias en los mercados – TDND