Martes, 2 de agosto de 2022

Economía Internacional

Argentina, sin fondos para para evitar una gran devaluación – Bloomberg
Argentina Is Running Out of Cash to Stave Off Devaluation – Bloomberg
Argentina: Triunvirato populista, Massa no podrá obrar milagros – R. Cachanosky
Brasil: Producción industrialcae por primera vez desde enero – Bloomberg
Brasil: Bolsonaro sugiere menores precios de combustibles en Petrobras – Reuters
Colombia: Petro no ahuyentó inversiones en mnería y petróleo – Bloomberg
México destina $28.000 MM en subsidios para controlar la inflación – Bloomberg
Mexico anti-inflation subsidies come with $28 billion price tag – Reuters
Stocks fall on U.S.-China tensions, hawkish comments from Fed leaders – CNBC
Private equity is snapping up companies at record pace – Yahoo Finance
EEUU: Daly de la Fed: falta mucho para controlar la inflación – Bloomberg
La Fed no vencerá a la inflación deseando que baje – Bill Dudley
Pozsar Says L-Shaped Recession Is Needed to Conquer Inflation – Bloomberg
Rendimientos Tesoro suben por comentarios restrictivos de Fed – Bloomberg
Biden Borrows the Nixon Playbook on Recessions – Phillip W. Magness 
Entire Biden economic team needs to be replaced – Richard W. Rahn 
A Simple Guide for Aggregate Demand Management – Alex Salter
July Manufacturing-Sector Survey Points to Slowing – Robert Hughes 
Price Controls Hurt Patients, Risk Future Innovation – Courtney Quinn
Amazon Shrinks Staff by 100,000; Netflix, Google Slow Hiring Too – Bloomberg
Robinhood cutting about 23% of jobs, releases second quarter earnings – CNBC
Airbnb stock slumps despite record-breaking bookings – CNBC
Uber reports positive cash flow for the first time – Financial Times
Downturn Is Here. Is Stagflation Next? – Peter Earle
Are We in a Recession or Not? – Brad McMillan
The Corrective Contraction – William J. Luther 
Three Cheers for the Industrial Revolution – Dan Mitchell
The “experts” nail it again! – Simon Black
Bitcoin’s Recent Volatility Creates Rare Opportunity – Nick Giambruno
ECB Spent Billions to Shield Italy Using First Line of Defense – Bloomberg
Hidden Storylines in Eurozone Q2 GDP – Market Minder
España: Economistas alertan de que habrá recesión este año – El Economista
European Power Hits Record as Extreme Heat, Drought Parch Europe – Bloomberg
China’s Property Crisis Threatens to Drag Down Steel Industry – Bloomberg
JPMorgan’s China Calls Show Market Timing Is Tough – Bloomberg
Dow Jones Falls Amid Pelosi Taiwan Visit – Investor’s Business Daily
Pelosi arrives in Taiwan as China ratchets up military activity – Financial Times
Pelosi Arrives in Taiwan, Defying China Warnings – The Wall Street Journal
Taiwan Risk Brings Another Torrid Day for China’s Stock Market – Bloomberg
Volatility Hits Markets With Geopolitics Adding to Set of Risks – Bloomberg
Gold Falls From Four-Week High Amid Tense Pelosi Taiwan Trip – Bloomberg

Wealth Management

La excepción – Jadwiga Kitovitz
Ford: The End Is Here – David Alton Clark
Alibaba: Is The Panic Justified? – Jonathan Weber
Bitcoin’s Recent Volatility Creates Rare Opportunity – Nick Giambruno
Socially Responsible U.S. Investors Will Take a Pass On Cuba – Jerry Haar
What Drove This Hedge Fund to Crash 84% in Six Months? – Wall Street Journal
German and Swiss sovereign bonds update – Lauréline Renaud-Chatelain, Pictet WM
‘Prolonged’ and ‘engineered’ recession; Brace for unemployment, real estate decline – Lyn Alden, Alf Peccatiello