Lunes, 8 de agosto de 2022

Economía Internacional

Colombia: Ecopetrol – Alberto J. Bernal-León
Colombia: Tributaria de Petro: puntos clave para las empresas – La República
Colombia: Tributaria de Petro en Congreso busca $25billones – Bloomberg
Colombia: Petro Targets the Rich and Oil Exports With New Taxes – Bloomberg
Colombia: Petro Takes Office Pledging to Redistribute Wealth – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Arce muestra economía sólida, pero omite cifras en deterioro – P7
Bolivia: Segundo paro en Santa Cruz insiste con censo para 2023 – El Diario
Peru’s New Finance Minister to Focus on Public Investment – Bloomberg
Chile tendrá más gasto social con o sin nueva Constitución: BofA – Bloomberg
Chile: Banco Central pierde $1300 MM en última semana de julio – Bloomberg
Chile Inflation Tops 13% as Weak Peso Adds to Price Pressure – Bloomberg
El Salvador: Recompra deja aún más escépticos a inversionistas – Bloomberg
10 reasons to be bullish right now, according to JPMorgan – Yahoo Finance
Just How ‘Healthy’ Are the U.S. Labor Markets? – Jeffrey Tucker
The Agenda behind Climate Change Catastrophism – Michael Rectenwald
Inflation Problem That No One’s Talking About -Jakob Dupuis
Inflation Reduction Act Will Attack Middle – Steve Forbes & Steve Moore
The Left and a Push to Reset Federal Reserve’s Legal Mandates – Paul Kupiec
Inflation Reduction Act Will Foster Aging with Actual Dignity – Ramsey Alwin
No Surprises In the Inflation Reduction Act, Thus It’s Benign – Market Minder
No, a Planned Economy Can’t Actually Work – Richard Fulmer
Barrick Gold Boss Tells Mines to Brace for More Inflation – Bloomberg
JPMorgan, Evercore aumentan su pronóstico de alzas de la Fed – Bloomberg
De recesión corta a caída profunda: hay indicios de una crisis larga – El Economista
Importaciones EEUU menguarán en segunda mitad 2022 por inflación – Bloomberg
‘We are in a recession’: Long-time bull Cathie Wood is warning investors – MoneyWise
Central Planning Is An Abject Failure No Matter the Planners – John Tamny
Government Intervention Hurts the Poor – Dan Mitchell
NY Fed Inflation Expectations Plunge Most On Record, But There Is A Catch…
Do Economies Respond to Consumer Expectations or the Facts at Hand? – Fran Shostak
Germany Can Save Itself and the World by Abandoning 4 Failed Policies – Patrick Barron
Carlyle CEO Resigns in Sudden Reversal of Generational Shift – Wall Street Journal
Bad news for Big Tech – Rana Foroohar

Wealth Management

A Tale of Two Economies – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
¿En la antesala de un rebote bursátil? – Ken Fisher
¿Está el mercado caro o barato? – Fernando Luque
“Have We Reached the Bottom Yet?” – Thompson Clark
Importance of Risk Profiling With Portfolio – Marguerita Cheng
How To Lower Your Tax Bill As Retirement Is Nearing – Stefon Walters
‘Lonchafinismo’ y simplificación de carteras, claves para el ahorro – Emilio Gómez
Débil respuesta de criptomonedas al pacto BlackRock-Coinbase es una señal negativa – Jared Dillian
SoftBank Lost $39 Billion in 6 Months, Wiping Out the Bubble Gains: Easy Come, Easy Go – Wolf Richter