Martes, 9 de agosto de 2022

Economía Internacional

Chile: La Constitución y la mentira indigenista – Luis Larraín
Colombia: Hay que empezar a medir el golpe de la tributaria – La República
Colombia: Así es el gabinete del nuevo presidente – Orlando Avendaño
Bolivia: Caída de reservas pone en riesgo moneda nacional – El Deber
Argentina: Por qué fracasan los planes de estabilización – Roberto Cachanosky
¿Qué hace Argentina con más de 10 tipos de cambio del dólar? – Daniel Lacalle
Brasil: Las lluvias mejoran perspectiva agrícola – América Economía
Brazil: Ciro Gomes takes election fight to Lula and Bolsonaro – Financial Times
Mexico’s Inflation Hits 21-Year High Ahead of Rate Decision – Bloomberg
México refinancia deuda: coloca $2.200M en bono a 10 años – América Economía
Floating Exchange Rates Add to Economic Uncertainty – Steve H. Hanke
Crypto winter continues to shave billions from the stock market – Yahoo Finance
Why the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Is No Such Thing – Steven Pearlstein
Inflation Reduction Act Will Devastate Economy – Jessica Anderson & Steve Moore
Raising Corporate Taxes Does Not Help Workers – Norbert Michel
U.S. Lawmakers Look to Digital Dollar to Compete With China – Wall Street Journal
Neo-Inflationist Supply-Siders Paint Ideology Into Tough Corner – John Tamny
Inflation’s Demerits Extend Beyond Lost Prosperity – Theodore Dalrymple
Amid Inflation, Biden Should Expand Flexible Work Options – Austen Bannan
Chipmakers drag Wall St lower after Micron’s warning – Reuters
The Greatest Jobs Comeback In History – Charlie Bilello
It is too early to declare risk of US recession is over – Mohamed El-Erian
Inflation Expectations Are Crashing. So What? – Mike Shedlock
The Housing Market Bubble Is Cracking – Logan Kane
U.S. bond yields inch higher as traders await crucial inflation data – MarketWatch
Europe’s Bond Market Has Never Seen So Many Days With No Deals – Bloomberg
Winter in Europe May Be Springtime for Putin – Daniel Yergin and Michael Stoppard
Reflections Sparked By a New Jersey Turnpike Rest Area – Donald Boudreaux
War Between China & Taiwan Would Create Chaos – Richard Rahn
One of the Decade’s Hottest Bond Markets Is Imploding in China – Bloomberg
China Property Woes Spark Longest Mortgage Debt Halt Since 2015 – Bloomberg
Oil rises as Russian pipeline halt revives supply fears – Reuters
Gold consolidates as traders brace for U.S. inflation data – Reuters
Worst-Performing Precious Metal Silver May Have Seen Bottom – Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Revisiting Memeland – Wall Street Breakfast
Vacaciones también en la bolsa – Enrique Roca
Opinión corporativa agosto-septiembre – Ález Fusté, Andbank
Which Way Now? A Conversation with Howard Marks – Oaktree
Russ Roberts on Lessons from F.A. Hayek and Nassim Taleb – Tim Ferris
Investors divided over how long Big Tech rally will last – Financial Times
La recuperación del mercado alcanza su tercera semana – Charles Castillo
Consolidación y posterior normalización del commodity complex – Álex Fusté