Viernes, 26 de agosto de 2022

Economía Internacional

Colombia necesitaría subir precio de combustibles – Bloomberg
Colombia: El petróleo caro debe ser una oportunidad – La República
Colombia: Petro, dispuesto a cambiar 70% de reforma tributaria – Bloomberg
Brasil: Bolsonaro recurre a su esposa para atraer electores – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Caen ingresos e inversiones, el gasto se incrementa – El Diario
Bolivia pagará este año un 53% más de deuda externa respecto a 2021 – El Deber
Bolivia: Funcionarios forzados llenan marcha masista; Arce amenaza – Los Tiempos
Chile: Si gana el Apruebo el incentivo para reforma no existe – Sebastián Edwards
Powell avanza una Fed restrictiva desde el altavoz de Jackson Hole – El Economista
The Fed’s Powell Vows to Whip Inflation. He Warns Pain Is Coming – Barron’s
Powell warns of ‘some pain’ ahead as the Fed fights down inflation – CNBC
Powell declares Fed will ‘keep at it’ in hawkish speech on inflation – Financial Times
Powell: Rates will rise until ‘job is done’ bringing down inflation – Yahoo Finance
Stocks tumble as Powell delivers hawkish remarks – Yahoo Finance
Stop berating central banks and let them tackle inflation – Raghuram Rajan
Bostic de la Fed se inclina por alza de tasas de 50 pb en septiembre – Reuters
The More the Fed Blunders, the More Prestige It Gathers – Alex Pollock
The Fed Wants to Replace Private Crypto With Own Version – Bryan Bashur
Crypto’s Real Value Was Never $3 Trillion – Bloomberg
Gold Declines and Copper Gains as Investors Brace for Powell – Bloomberg
Cities With Largest Housing Price Changes – Jonathan Jones
Will ‘Housing Recession’ Spur Wider Economic Contraction? – Market Minder
GDP: Contraction Is Still a Thing, at Least for Now – Richard Moody
Debt-Forgiveness Plan for Credentialed In U.S. – David Stockman
Why the Social Security 2100 Act Is a Bad Deal for Workers  – Romina Boccia
Czech President Blames “Green Madness” For Energy Crisis – Paul Joseph Watson
Moderna accuses BioNTech/Pfizer of copying mRNA technology – Financial Times
Biggest EM Asia Stock Inflow Since 2020 Faces Jackson Hole Test – Bloomberg
Why have China’s growth projections soured in recent months? – FocusEconomics
China’s Economy Is a Major Warning For the United States – Eric Fry
Chinese stocks surge after U.S., China reach audit deal – Reuters

Wealth Management

Long Live Asset Allocation? – Brian Price
The S&P Is Now Overvalued – Michael Kramer 
¿Qué compran los mejores gestores americanos? – Morningstar
Kicking and Screaming Into the Deflationary Seas – Jeffrey Snider
The Fed Can’t Deliver On Its Promises – Larry McDonald, Raoul Pal
Microsoft Vs. Apple: Which Giant Should You Pick? – Jonathan Weber
Elon Musk Made me a Millionaire… Is Joe Biden Next? – Mark Skousen
Gestión alternativa: mucho ruido y pocas nueces – Víctor Alvargonzález
Jeremy Siegel says the Fed needs to hike rates only by another 100 basis points – CNBC
La renta variable europea registra las mayores salidas semanales desde 2016: BofA – Reuters