Lunes, 29 de agosto de 2022

Economía Internacional

Chile: Triunfo del rechazo elevaría apetito por el riesgo – Bloomberg
Colombia: Cosas a tener en cuenta para el presupuesto – La República
Colombia buscará recuperar grado de inversión de calificadoras – Reuters
Brasil: Tensos cruces entre Bolsonaro y Lula durante debate – Infobae
Bolivia: Pollo y huevo en alza y posible escasez por malas medidas – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Gobierno mantiene tendencia de gasto y aumento del déficit fiscal – El Diario
Jobs in focus after hawkish Powell speech – Yahoo Finance
US Futures Sink, Treasuries Fall on Policy Outlook – Bloomberg
Stock futures sink, Treasury yields climb after Powell remarks – Yahoo Finance
Dow futures drop 240 points as stocks selloff looks set to continue – MarketWatch
Fed Chair Powell ‘firmly and resolutely’ conveyed inflation priority: IMF – Yahoo Finance
‘Inflation Fever’ Is Finally Breaking – Central Banks Won’t Stop Hiking Rates – Bloomberg
Treasury Yields Spike As Hawkish Powell Triggers Bond Market Re-Set – TheStreet
Treasury Two-Year Yields Rise to Highest Since 2007 on Rate Bets – Bloomberg
Powell does not understand what is causing inflation – Steve Hanke
Powell Must Reinforce His Words With Actions – Bill Dudley
Powell’s Challenge: Slowing Economy And Vanishing Liquidity – Daniel Lacalle
What Happened To The $650 Billion In SDRs Issued In 2021? – Jan Nieuwenhuijs
El oro cae y el dólar avanza tras advertencia de Powell sobre tasas – Reuters
Acciones y bonos caen, dólar se sube por preocupaciones sobre tasas – Reuters
The Story of War and Peace in the Currency Markets – Brendan Brown
Elon Musk dice que el mundo sigue necesitando petróleo y gas – Reuters
Oil Edges Higher as Supply Concerns Eclipse Fed’s Rate Stance – Bloomberg
Stop Calling Everything You Disagree With ‘Anti-Democratic’ – Tyler Cowen
The Housing Market Is in Recession. What It Means for Buyers – Barron’s
Student Loan Giveaway Is Bigger Than You Think – Alex Tabarrok
The Student Loan Bailout Is Quite Simply Terrible Policy – Brian Riedl
Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program is Poorly Targeted – William J. Luther 
If Economists Fear Inflation, It’s a Sign That You Should Not – John Tamny
The Disturbing ESG Framework That Will Ultimately Win – Kimberlee Josephson
Maybe It’s Good Fauci’s Credibility Did Not Survive Pandemic – Tim Requarth
Patent Regime & Big Pharma Are Being Exposed – Jeffrey Tucker
Bitcóin cae por debajo de los $20.000 y se acerca a mínimos de junio – Cinco Días
PIB de la OCDE creció un 0,3% en el segundo trimestre de 2022 – Bolsamanía
El euro no acumulaba tantas apuestas cortas desde el inicio del covid – El Economista
Investors increase bets against euro as energy crisis intensifies – Financial Times
ECB Sets Stage for Another Big Hike With Jumbo Move Possible – Bloomberg
ECB should raise rates at a steady pace, chief economist says – Reuters
La UE celebrará una reunión energética de urgencia el 9 de septiembre – Bolsamanía
Shell chief warns Europe’s energy crisis will last more than one winter – Financial Times
Where $2 Trillion Of German Value Depends On $20 Billion Of Russian Gas – Zero Hedge
Asian Stocks Approach Two-Year Low as Powell Spurs Risk-Off Mood – Bloomberg
Bank of Korea’s Rhee Keeps Door Open for Outsized Rate Hike – Bloomberg
Rupiah Heads for Test of Key Support as Trade Outlook Darkens – Bloomberg
India Seeks to Avoid Panic With Targeted Rice Export Curb – Bloomberg
U.S., China audit agreement not yet a done deal: Lawyers – Reuters
Seeking Investor Meaning as China’s Property Market Teeters – Nicholas Sargen
Goldman Says Buy Commodities, ‘Worry About Recession Later’ – Bloomberg

Wealth Management

The New Volcker – Wall Street Breakfast
The Dog That Didn’t Bark – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
El discurso de Powell enfría el mercado – Charles Castillo
How much cash should investors be holding? – Yahoo Finance
Don’t Overthink, or ‘Time’ This Summertime Rally – Market Minder
Will the cloud kill the data centre? Jim Chanos thinks so – Financial Times
Jeremy Siegel Says It’s OK to ‘Gamble’ on Speculative Stocks – Bloomberg
Why Buying the Dips Could Hurt Your Portfolio in a Bear Market – Sandy Ward
Why Investors Should Ignore the Fed, Interest Rates, and Most News – TheStreet
Wall Street se enfrenta a un septiembre difícil tras Jackson Hole – Estrategias de Inversión
Evolución de los dividendos en Bolsa: Informe de Janus Henderson II trimestre 2022 – Enrique Roca
¿Qué ha pasado en Jackson Hole? Los planes de la FED y el BCE contra la inflación – Sánchez de la Cruz
The Rise of ESG, Replacing Profits with Paternalism, and Strategy with Standards – Kimberlee Josephson