Miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2022

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Gobierno y mineros sellan acuerdo: auríferos tributarán 4,8% – P7
Brazil: Petrobras Surge Evaporates. Polls Showing Bolsonaro Stalling – Bloomberg
Brazil: How Bolsonaro built a rightwing movement – Financial Times
Brazil Set to Hold Key Rate Ahead of Runoff Vote
– Bloomberg
Tech futures drop as weak earnings ensnare rally – Yahoo Finance
Microsoft ensnared by ‘macroeconomic storm’ – Yahoo Finance
A key bullish factor people are overlooking – Yahoo Finance
Meta Has Had an Ugly Year. Brace for More Bad News – Barron’s
Alphabet’s Quarterly Earnings No Longer a Sure Thing
– Bloomberg
Alphabet, Microsoft Lead Megacap Selloff Erasing $295 Billion
– Bloomberg
The Fed Can’t Blame Lousy Forecasting On Low Employee Pay – Chris Edwards
Profits Do Not Cause Inflation (No Matter What Progressives Claim) – J.W. Rich
Consumer Confidence Fell in October – Robert Hughes 
Republicans Concede a Plan To Destabilize the U.S. Economy – Steve Benen
Democrats fear loss in Nevada as Hispanic voters turn to Republicans – FT
30 Years Later, Voters Still Telling Us ‘It’s Economy!’ – Stephen Moore
El FMI quiere que los bancos centrales sigan subiendo los tipos
– Reuters
Fed Rate Hikes Are Bringing On Higher CPI Version of Inflation – Barry Ritholtz
Why Profits Plunged at Donald Trump’s Eponymous Tower – Dan Alexander
Liz Truss Was Right About Economic Growth – John Cochrane & Jon Hartley
Sunak retrasa plan presupuestario británico al 17 de noviembre
– Reuters
Mnuchin dice que EEUU está en recesión y que la situación continuará – Reuters
Mnuchin Warns Market Watchers Who Misread Fed May Be Wrong
– Bloomberg
Interest Rate Caps Are Inadvertently Discriminatory – John Tamny
US Dollar Drops to Three-Week Low as Traders Weigh a Fed Pivot
– Bloomberg
Pimco, Franklin Templeton Warn of Sticky Inflation: FII Update
– Bloomberg
US 30-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Tops 7%, Hits Highest Since 2001
– Bloomberg
Traders Position for Lower US Treasury Yields, Smaller Fed Hikes
– Bloomberg
The Midterms Could Transform Energy Policies In Several U.S. States – T. Paraskova 
Sam Zell Says Biden Administration Is ‘Anti-Oil’ – Bloomberg
European banks’ bumper quarter raises prospect of windfall taxes – FT
Swiss Banks Stop Using Fed’s Dollar Swap Facility to Make Profit
– Bloomberg
Banca europea aprovecha subidas de tipos mientras se ciernen nubarrones
– Reuters
Italian bank fundraising attracts ‘state aid’ scrutiny in Brussels – Financial Times
Deutsche Bank profit buoyed by rising interest rates – Financial Times
China Stock Rally Fizzles as Covid Woes Return to Sour Sentiment
– Bloomberg
Offshore Yuan Rises Most on Record as China Banks Sell Dollars
– Bloomberg
China’s Economy Slows in October as Business Confidence Slumps
– Bloomberg
China’s economy will not overtake the US until 2060, if ever – Ruchir Sharma
Investor fears about Xi’s new leadership team ‘may be misguided’ – CNBC

Wealth Managemnet

Expectations and Reality – Morgan Housel
Is It Time to Sound the Alarm on Housing? – Jared Dillian
How to Think about Value, Money, and Price – Per Bylund
Evolución de los fondos al 3er Trimestre 2022 – Cobas AM
Meet Your New Chinese Stock Fund Manager: Beijing – Barron’s
Long-Term Investors Should Stick With Tech – Lakshman Achuthan
Rapid Passport: The Quickest Countries to Naturalize – Simon Black
Asia’s richest to set up family offices in Singapore – Financial Review
Why Stocks Could Rally Even If Downturn Strikes in 2023 – Luke Lango
China’s wealthy activate escape plans as Xi extends rule – Financial Review
Tax Changes Mean Brighter Future For Retirement Saving – Pinar Cebi Wilber
A Harder Landing for the U.S. Economy Now Looks More Likely – Preston Caldwell
Desmitificando las carteras de los inversores a nivel mundial – Matias Möttölä, CFA
Los gobiernos se están convirtiendo en los nuevos bancos centrales – Víctor Alvargonzález
Fed will start QE next year, ‘three stage pivot’ by 2024, these assets will outperform – Nomi Prins
Wealthy Chinese Activate Financial “Escape Plans” Terrified Of Xi’s Coming Reign Of Terror – Zero Hedge