Miércoles, 12 de abril de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Por qué hay caos financiero, según este economista del IIF – Bloomberg
Bolivia: Arce culpó a la guerra por la caída de reservas en dólares – Bloomberg
Bolivia en zona de riesgo por sus obligaciones crediticias – El Diario
Llegada de Roa a Ecopetrol se recibió en rojo en bolsas de Colombia y EEUU – Bloomberg
Pese al repunte del bitcoin, tenencias de El Salvador siguen un 29% abajo – Bloomberg
Brazil: Lula to Visit Huawei Site in Shanghai, Potentially Irking US – Bloomberg
Chile: Inversión extranjera alcanza los US$ 4.677 millones – América Economía
EEUU: La inflación cae al 5% en marzo, pero la subyacente sube al 5,6% – Bolsamanía
CPI report comes in cool as prices post slowest rise since May 2021 – Yahoo Finance
US Core CPI Jumps Again While Showing Some Hints of Moderating – Bloomberg
Inflation Slows in March, but Pricing Pressures Stay Strong – Barron’s
US inflation eased to lowest level in nearly two years in March – Financial Times
U.S. inflation rises 0.1% in March, less than expected – CNBC
Wall St rises as inflation data soothes rate-hike jitters – Reuters
Russian consumer inflation drops below 4% – Reuters
Do We Need a “National Divorce”? It’s Not a New Idea – Jason Morgan
Why War Does Not Keep Us Out of Recessions – John Kennedy
The Climate Collapse Thesis – Max Borders

Wealth Management

An Emergency Fund Will Save You – Jared Dillian
Silver on the Move: Where to Next? – Barani Krishnan
Is the U.S. Dollar Dead? Not So Fast – Michael Lebowitz
The Secret to Amassing Long-Haul Wealth – Kelly Green
10 tendencias para 2023 en el sector de wealth management – Techrules
Dollar Collapse Fears, Hyperinflation, and Beating Markets – Eugene Fama
Warren Buffett explains why he bought 5 Japanese trading houses – CNBC
Gary Cohn talks rate hikes, CPI, banking stress, employment, tech – Yahoo Finance