Lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Chile: Una casa dividida – José Piñera
Chile: Medio siglo de progreso – Hernán Büchi
Bolivia pierde 13 laudos arbitrales y suma pagos por $1.000 millones – El Deber
Bolivia: Cementeras no logran niveles de producción prepandemia – El Deber
Bolivia: Morales cuestiona falta de plan para compensar reservas de gas – EFE
Argentina: Una inútil discusión sobre temas monetarios complejos – Domingo Cavallo
Lula da marcha atrás y dice que justicia decidirá el arresto de Putin si va a Brasil – AFP
Colombia: ¿Por qué preocupa tanto la fuerte caída de exportaciones? – Valora
Colombia: Mal de muchos, consuelo de tontos – Alberto J. Bernal-León
Stocks set up for gains amid hopes for soft landing – Yahoo Finance
Dollar Falls Most in Two Weeks as Stocks Advance
– Bloomberg
The Fed may hold rates steady, but that doesn’t mean it’s done – Yahoo Finance
The Mighty American Consumer Is About to Hit a Wall
– Bloomberg
3 Competitiveness Takeaways From Jackson Hole – Dane Stangler
The Fed As Inflation Fix? Sorry, but Markets Aren’t That Stupid – John Tamny
Why America’s Deficit Doubled To $2 Trillion In One Year – Neil Irwin
Breaking Down the Breakout in Oil – Adam Turnquist
Investors Rein in India Bond Optimism as Oil Prices Surge
– Bloomberg
ECB grapples with knife-edge decision on interest rates – Financial Times
UE recorta previsión de crecimiento en 2023 y prevé recesión en Alemania – AFP
UE recorta previsión de la eurozona por problemas económicos de Alemania – Bloomberg
EU downgrades growth forecast and raises inflation expectations – Financial Times
Why Germany’s Economy Is Flailing & What Could Help – Michael Sauga
Germany predicted to be the only major European economy to contract this year – CNBC
¿Se acabó el milagro económico chino? – Andrés Oppenheimer
China Shows Signs of Stability as Credit, Inflation Improve
– Bloomberg
China Credit Climbs More Than Forecast as Banks Boost Loans
– Bloomberg
China’s Yuan Rises After Central Bank Sounds Warning
– The Wall Street Journal
China issues strong warning against bets on renminbi depreciation – Financial Times
China: China deflación aumenta riesgos de “japonificación” en todas partes – Forbes
Pirateo, nuevas tecnologías e informadores: cómo China espía a Occidente
El ex jefe del grupo chino Alibaba deja finalmente la compañía
Emerging Currencies Get Reprieve as Yuan Jumps on China Defense
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Veo, veo. ¿Qué ves? – Enrique Roca
Where Are The Extremes? – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Can Singapore hold on to its reputation as Asia’s ‘safe haven’? – FT
‘Fed Solvency’ Is Yet Another False Fear to Dismiss – Market Minder
Stock-Market History Signals Looming Market Weakness – Stephen McBride
Coca-Cola Co (KO) DCF Valuation: Is The Stock Undervalued? – Johnny Hopkins
Two Quants and a Financial Planner Talk Inflation – Jack Forehand, Justin Carbonneau
Good News Isn’t So Bad for Stocks Anymore—or Is It? – Sarah Hansen, Caryl Anne Francia
What Happens When ‘Biggest Housing Bubble In History’ Pops? – Dhaval Joshi Explains
Qué puede decirle un banquero a su cliente que prefiere mantener su ahorro en efectivo – Schroders