Miércoles, 20 de septiembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Tercer país con menor libertad económica en Sudamérica – El Deber
Brazil Readying Another Half-Point Interest Rate Cut – Bloomberg
Colombia: Aprobaron punto clave de la reforma a la salud – Valora
Colombia: Cocaína, el primer producto de exportación – Juan Ramón Rallo
A soft landing won’t be an ‘Aha!’ moment for the Fed – Yahoo Finance
Why the S&P 500’s calm seas are likely to turn choppy – Yahoo Finance
Stock futures rise as markets weigh Fed’s choices – Yahoo Finance
Fed expected to stand pat, signal another rate hike – Yahoo Finance
Fed set to hold rates at 22-year high – Financial Times
US Futures Edge Higher Before Fed; Pound Falls – Bloomberg
The Fed Is Ready to Pause Again. Its Economic Forecast Is What Matters – Barron’s
Joe Biden and the UAW: A Roundabout of Hypocrisy – Stephen Moore
Biden’s Green Energy Money: Sugar On a Poison Pill – Lydia Millet
Why Some Economists Still Think Recession Is Coming – Matt Phillips
A Huge National Debt Plus Rising Interest Rates – Thorsten Polleit
Investors slash bets on UK rate rise after inflation falls to 6.7% – Financial Times
Inflation surprise puts a rate-hike pause back on the table for Bank of England – CNBC
BOE Rate Hike Hangs in the Balance for Market as Inflation Slows
– Bloomberg
Deutsche Bank struggles with fallout after huge Postbank IT migration – FT
Germany will become the sick man of Europe without change: Deutsche Bank – CNBC
The OECD Plan To Raise Taxes Costs More Than It Collects Tax – Adam Michel
UE: De la dependencia del gas ruso a la de las baterías chinas – Mauricio Ríos García
Can Europe go green without China’s critical minerals? – Financial Times
China: La desaceleración económica preocupa a empresarios europeos – EFE
PBOC Says Policy Room Is Ample as Analysts Bet on Rate Cuts
– Bloomberg
Huawei makes processor breakthrough in flagship smartphone – Financial Times
Oil Nearing $100 Is Red Flag for Central Banks’ Inflation Fight
– Bloomberg
Goldman Raises Brent Oil Forecast to $100 as Rally Builds
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

La cartera 60-40 sigue viva – Thomas DeFauw
Hold Yourself Accountable with Trading Fees – Jared Dillian
Revisiting the Case for Investing in Chinese Stocks – Martin Lau
Is a Shift In Stock-Bond Correlations Underway? – Market Minder
Compás de espera ante la decisión de tipos de la FED – Andbank
Time Preference Is The Key Driver Of Interest Rates – Frank Shostak
Indian growth attracts global investment banks despite low fees – FT
España: la parálisis política empaña las perspectivas de inversión – Alessandra Poli
China y Arabia Saudí tienen la llave para que el petróleo llegue a 100 dólares – Funds Society
¿Qué consecuencias puede tener la subida del precio del petróleo en la inflación? – Schroders
Magellan Picks Up Support of Big Investor for Merger but Deal Outlook Remains Cloudy – Andrew Bary