Jueves, 23 de noviembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Argentina: Calibrar expectativas pero mantener la esperanza – Forbes
Argentina: Caputo tiene experticia para ser mininistro de Economía – Bloomberg
Argentina’s Milei Says Caputo Has Expertise To Be Economy Chief – Bloomberg
Argentina: Dollarization without Fiscal Prudence Is Not Possible – Leonidas Zelmanovitz
Milei prepara plan de choque para “bomba” que dejó el peronismo – M. Llamas
S&P baja la calificación de Bolivia a “CCC+” desde “B-“ – Reuters
S&P baja calificación soberana de Bolivia por débil liquidez externa – Reuters
Uruguay propodrá una reunión China-Mercosur en la próxima cumbre
Latam Stocks Cement EM Star Status With Best Showing Since 2009 – Bloomberg
Colombia: Acciones de grandes grupos perdieron valor en Bolsa en 2023 – Valora
Colombia’s leader promised ‘total peace’. Then violence surged – Financial Times
Against The Destruction Of Western Civilization – Thorsten Polleit
Trump would gut Biden’s landmark IRA climate law if elected – Financial Times
Corporate America is talking a lot less about recession now – Yahoo Finance
US consumer sentiment drops again on inflation fears – Fox Business
Inflation Lessons From the Turkey Dinner for 10 – Elisabeth Dellinger
Investors pour cash into US corporate debt in bet Fed rates have peaked – FT
Europe stocks struggle amid signs of recession – Bloomberg
European Stocks Struggle as PMIs Show Contraction – Bloomberg
Euro-Area Business Weakness Increases the Odds of Recession
– Bloomberg
Eurozona: La actividad empresarial vuelve a caer en noviembre -PMI – Reuters
Bundesbank vice-president has a warning for lenders as insolvencies rise – CNBC
How Germany’s ‘debt brake’ broke the budget – Financial Times
UK Inflation Fears Revived by Unexpected Output Growth
– Bloomberg
Far-right anti-Islam candidate clinches shock Dutch election win – CNCB
Turkey’s central bank hikes interest rate by 500 basis points to 40% – CNCB
Turkey Poised for Rate Milestone If It Hikes Past 36%
– Bloomberg
Bearish Oil Options Hit Record Volumes as OPEC+ Delays Meeting
– Bloomberg
Oil price falls as Opec+ postpones meeting – Financial Times
China Seen Holding Key Policy Rate Until 2024, Economists Say
– Bloomberg
Chinese shadow bank Zhongzhi faces $36bn shortfall after ‘management ran wild’ – FT

Wealth Management

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¿Qué nos deja uno de los mejores noviembres de la historia? – Andbank
‘The Incident’ Transformed This Hollywood Producer: A Thanksgiving Story – Mark Skousen
Portugal amplía su Ley Beckham para atraer a las fortunas españolas – El Economista
Bestinver toma ventaja sobre Cobas y Azvalor para reinar entre las value – El Economista