Miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Dollarization for Argentina? – Scott Sumner
Three Recommendations for Javier Milei – Pierre Lemieux
Argentina: Un Quijote libertario – Miguel Ángel Benedicto
Argentina: ¡Viva la libertad, carajo! – Daniel Capó
Argentina: Al final, lo logró. ¡El loco lo hizo! – Gabriel Zanotti
Argentina cannot afford another failure – Financial Times
The unlikely alliance that could shape Argentina’s radical new leadership – FT
Argentina: No hay espacio para el gradualismo, dice JP Morgan – Forbes
Argentina: La Bolsa recibe con un alza del 20% la victoria de Milei – Cinco Días
Argentina: El plan de Milei para dolarizar depende de la cosecha – El Economista
Argentina: El déficit fiscal se dispara 220,6 % interanual en octubre – EFE
Argentina Is About To Be a Model For Economic Reform – John Fund
Argentina Is a Textbook Case of ‘Fiscal Dominance’
– The Wall Street Journal
Did Milei Win Argentina’s Presidency by Employing Honesty? – Peter Strömberg
The United States Needs Its Own Javier Milei – Connor O’Keeffe
Brazil Central Bank Can Keep Cutting Rates, Campos Neto Says
– Bloomberg
¿Desde 2024 Colombia empezaría a importar gas de Venezuela?
– Valora
Colombia: Ecopetrol sí contempla opción de importar gas de Venezuela – Valora
US futures tick higher in holiday countdown – Yahoo Finance
Sam Altman to return as OpenAI CEO to cap off days of drama – Yahoo Finance
Bets on S&P 500 grow with RBC joining bullish calls for 2024 – Bloomberg
What It May Mean That Fed ‘Broke The Budget’ – Jed Graham
Inflation Could Return When You Least Expect It – Allison Schrager
Binance: Why CZ’s guilty plea could be net positive for crypto – Yahoo Finance
Contra Experts, Energy Imports Don’t Shrink ‘National Wealth’ – John Tamny
ECB Warns Weak Economy Heightens Stability Risks From Hikes
– Bloomberg
ECB’s Guindos Warns Market Against ‘Wishful Thinking’ on Economy
– Bloomberg
ECB warns of ‘early signs of stress’ at eurozone banks as default rates rise – FT
UE multa a Rabobank con $29 MM por cártel de bonos 2006-16 – Reuters
Israel y Hamás deciden «pausa humanitaria» y liberación de rehenes – LGI
China Puts Country Garden on Draft List of Builders to Support
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Los osos se rinden – Enrique Roca
Thankful for James Chanos – Bill Smead
Inflation Has Not Peaked. It’s Likely Coming Back – Joe Calhoun
A Good Sign Stocks Have a Wall of Worry to Climb – Market Minder
A Fatally Cornered Fed vs. Historically Honest Gold – Matterhorn AM
Yo que Ud. no lo haría (reducir renta variable ahora) – Víctor Alvargonzález
A Brilliant Idea That Will Generate Wealth, & Enhanced Valuations – Rob Smith
Hay valor en toda la curva de tipos de renta fija de cara a 2024 – Fernando Luque
Can Econometric Models Provide a Laboratory Setting for Economic Analysis? – Frank Shostak