Lunes, 29 de enero de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia registra déficit comercial de más de $us 400 millones – El Diario
Bolivia: Biocombustibles reducirán solo un 4% de subsidios: Cedla – El Deber
Bolivia: Deuda externa alcanza $13.512 MM a noviembre 2023 – El Diario
Argentina: ¿La política cambiaria amortigua los shocks externos? – Emilio Ocampo
Argentina: La dolarización hoy no tiene prioridad – Juan Carlos De Pablo
Chile: Codelco paga precio para mantenerse como la mayor cuprífera – Bloomberg
Chile: Codelco Pays Heavy Price for Ramping Up Debt Burden – Bloomberg
Sobre la batalla cultural – Alberto J. Bernal-León
Stocks open steady to kick off earnings-packed week – Yahoo Finance
Inflation On Target in December – William J. Luther 
Time for the Fed to Ease Up – Alexander W. Salter
Did Powell Accomplish What Eluded Volcker? – Scott Sumner
Fed Rate Decision Could Be the Prelude to a March Cut
– Bloomberg
Fed rate cuts? A strong US economy makes for a fraught decision – FT
This Week Will Make It Clearer If Fed Will Lower Rates In March – Bryan Mena
Xi Can’t Prop Up China Shares, and the Fed Can’t U.S. Shares – John Tamny
SEC Can’t Protect Its Own Data. Can It Protect Yours? – Christopher Iacovella
It’s Biden vs. Texas, and Texas Is Right – Ryan McMaken
The conflicting forces at work in the global economy – Mohamed El-Erian
Euro Falls, Bonds Gain as Traders Pin Hopes on Early ECB Cut
– Bloomberg
La guerra de Ucrania y su relación con la crisis en Oriente Medio – José María Aznar
Iran distances itself from attack on US troops – Financial Times
Hungary vows to defy EU ‘blackmail’ over Ukraine funding – Financial Times
Safe-haven demand fuels price gains for gold, silver – Kitco News
Crypto Going Mainstream, Which Means It’s Over – Allison Schrager
The Japanese semiconductor deal spooking rivals and investors – Financial Times
Evergrande shares halted after Hong Kong court orders liquidation – CNBC
Evergrande Liquidation Is a Big Test for International Creditors
– Bloomberg
Chinese developer Evergrande ordered to be wound up by Hong Kong court – FT
Chinese stocks snap rally as investors turn sceptical over state support – FT
La crisis de un gigante: por qué ordenaron la liquidación de China Evergrande
– Valora
China llega ante su momento Lehman tras la liquidación de Evergrande – El Economista

Wealth Management

Who’s Taking Your Money – Peter St. Onge
Pay Attention To Monetary Plumbing – Alfonso Peccatiello
The US Is Living on Borrowed Time – Matthew Piepenburg
Don’t Be Fooled: The Market Bottom Is Not In Yet – Danielle Park
El bitcóin: un activo de inversión sin nada de especial – Hugo Ferrer
Peak Cheap Oil: Fact Or Overblown Fear? – Doomberg vs Rozencwajg
An Even-Handed Look at Biden LNG Permit Pause – Market Minder
Así afectará el comportamiento de los tipos de interés en 2024 – Finzens
Buen comienzo de 2024, ¿mejor continuación? – Guillermo Santiso, iCapital
The Global Consequences of $300 Trillion in Lost Economic Growth – Hugh Hendry
La exuberancia monetaria engendró monstruos financieros – Iván Martín, Magallanes
When Economy Breaks, These Assets Will Be ‘Great Buying Opportunities’ – Lobo Tiggre
China’s Investment Landscape: A Risk Worth Ignoring or Embracing? – The Acquirer’s Multiple