Jueves, 4 de abril de 2024

Economía Internacional

Krugman critica la dolarización en Argentina – Carlos Rodríguez Braun
Bopreal: tras su división, bonos en dólares del BCRA atraen al mercado – Forbes
Chile: Tendremos un crecimiento aceptable, tampoco descollante – Sebastián Edwards
Chile: Banco Central asumió correctamente incertidumbre futura – Vittorio Corbo
Colombia Returns to Bond Market in Test for EM Junk Appetite
– Bloomberg
Guatemala: Ojo con las buenas intenciones y el poder – Ramón Parellada
Javier Milei Update: How He’s Doing Against the Bad Guys – Skot Sheller
Stocks bounce after Powell soothes rate-cut nerves – Yahoo Finance
US Companies Added 184,000 Jobs in March, ADP Data Show
– Bloomberg
Stock Futures Remain Higher After Jobless Claims
– Bloomberg
Gold Eases From Fresh Record as Traders Weigh Fed Comments
– Bloomberg
Gold Tops $2,300 After Powell Reiterates Rate-Cut Path This Year
– Bloomberg
Why the Fed is wading into uncharted waters – Yahoo Finance
Powell Says Fed Has Time to Assess Data Before Deciding to Cut
– Bloomberg
EEUU: Despidos públicos y tecnológicos alcanzan máximos de 14 meses
– Reuters
David Einhorn Pitches Long Bet on Chemicals Company Solvay
– Bloomberg
We Don’t Spend Money of Others Like We Do Our Own – John Tamny
How President Biden’s Regulations Are Pushing Up Prices – Mick Mulvaney
Bidenomics Is Higher Tax Rates, & More Loopholes – Tim Carney
Safety Net Poverty Program Is Trapping People In Poverty – Jonquilyn Hill
Euro-Area Banking Stocks Are The Most Overbought In History
– Bloomberg
Italy seizes assets worth €600mn in connection with alleged EU fraud – FT
German Banks Saw Soured Property Loans Surge in Fourth Quarter
– Bloomberg
España: Crecimiento del sector servicios se acelera en marzo, según PMI – Reuters
Spain To Recognize Palestinian Statehood, Calls On Western Allies To Follow Suit – ZH
Cuello de botella bancario retrasa seis meses pagos entre Rusia y China
– Reuters

Wealth Management

Momentum Has Gone Vertical – Edward Cole
The future of value investing – David Einhorn
Is Fundamental Analysis Dead? – Howard Lindzon
Diminishing Downtrend for Trend Inflation – Amy Yang
Continued Momentum For the S&P 500? – Tom Logue
Is US Oil Production Surging? – Goehring & Rozencwajg
Powell insiste en tres recortes de tasas este año – Andbank
Top 15 Wealth-Creating Stocks of the Past Decade – Amy Arnot
Lithium Surge Creates New Investment Opportunities – Zero Hedge
David Einhorn: Besides GLD We Own A Lot Of Physical Gold – ValueWalk
Futures Markets: About 58% Chance of Rate Cut in June – DiMartino Booth
El private equity es competencia directa de los gestores value – Gonzalo Recarte
La especulación se ceba ahora con el mercado de las materias primas – Matthew Lynn