Viernes, 5 de abril de 2024

Economía Internacional

La pérdida de bosques crece el 27% en Bolivia – El Diario
Argentina: Milei habla de controles de divisas, subsidios y China – Bloomberg
Milei prevé un largo camino por delante para reformar la Argentina – Bloomberg
Argentina: Unificación cambiaria impactaa en la economía y los mercados – Forbes
Renunciar a China es difícil, incluso para el anarcocapitalista argentino – Bloomberg
Brasil: El déficit nominal supera el billón de reales en 12 meses – Reuters
EM Currencies Fall After US Jobs Surprise Prompts Fed Repricing
– Bloomberg
US jobs growth of 303,000 far outstrips expectations – Financial Times
EEUU: Tasa de desempleo bajó a 3,8 % en marzo: fuerte alza en contrataciones – Valora
Mercado laboral de EEUU acelera y crea 303.000 empleos en marzo – Bolsamanía
US economy booms with 303,000 jobs added in March – Yahoo Finance
Stock Futures Bounce After Slide as Jobs in Focus
– Bloomberg
Stocks open higher after hot jobs report – Yahoo Finance
BofA Says Rush to Money Market Funds to Last as Fed Cuts Delayed
– Bloomberg
Treasuries Selloff Deepens as Traders Push Back First Rate Cut
– Bloomberg
Is The U.S. Going Bankrupt? Will Your Assets Be Confiscated? – Steve Hanke
The Fed Is Wrong About How Low Interest Rates Will Go – Bill Dudley
The Fed and Political Independence: It’s Complicated – Alexander W. Salter
Marco Rubio Is Wrong About Industrial Policy – Eric Boehm
Incentives Matter – Tyler Cowen
OPEC+ Risks Repeat of Boom and Bust as Oil Prices Top $90
– Bloomberg
Oil holds above $90 as Mideast tensions push Brent higher – Bloomberg
German Banks’ Soured Property Loans Surged in Quarter
– Bloomberg
UK House Prices Decline for the First Time in Six Months
– Bloomberg
BCE: El descenso de la inflación será más incierto, lento y accidentado – Cinco Días
ECB Seen Cutting Interest Rates Once a Quarter Starting in June
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

How Do You Feel About Money? – Jared Dillian
Cómo encontrar valor lejos del rebaño – BNY Mellon IM
Nuestras previsiones para Estados Unidos y China – Schroders
Maybe Wall Street Just Doesn’t Get Retirement – Allison Schrager
The Silver Breakout: Off To $48? Triple Digits? – Mike Maloney & Tavi Costa
Perspectiva internacional de la economía y mercados financieros para abril – Andbank
The 1940s vs 2020s: Debt Levels, Monetary Policy, and Cryptos as Global Currencies – Lyn Alden
Si el inversor se queda en liquidez se arriesga a perder retornos sustanciales – Alexandra Haggard