Lunes, 10 de junio de 2024

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Escasez de dólares y alza de precios amenazan estabilidad – El Diario
Argentina: El liberalómetro aprueba – Marcos Falcone
Argentine Bonds, Peso Tumble as Wall Street Gets a Reality Check – Bloomberg
Argentina: Oposición boicitea plan de Milei contra la inflación – Juan Ramón Rallo
Argentina: Dollarization and default risk: a brief note – Ocampo y Cachanosky
We Can Praise Milei’s Policies without Praising the Man – Ryan McMaken
Colombia, colero en crecimiento del PIB regional – La República
Brazil inflation data to show acceleration in May – Reuters
Five Key Charts to Watch in Global Commodities This Week – Bloomberg
Investors brace for Fed to dial back view on rate cuts – Yahoo Finance
All Roads Lead To Stagflation – The Macro Butler
The Achilles Heel of the Fiat Money System – Thorsten Polleit
Don’t Excuse Biden’s Protectionism With ‘National Defense’ – Donald Boudreaux
Go Woke, Go Broke: True Story of Washington Post – Charles Gasparino
The Desire to Be “Your Own Boss” in America – Wolf Richter 
The Rich Have Gotten Richer. The Bottom 50% Have Too – Ben Carlson
Elecciones europeas: se hunde el bloque de la izquierda – Juan Ramón Rallo
France’s Snap Election Shakes Investor Confidence in Economy – Bloomberg
French Markets Slide as Nation Plunged Into Political Turmoil – Bloomberg
Francia: Estrategia de Macron de llamar a elecciones aumenta riesgo país – Forbes
Markets hit as Macron calls snap French election after Le Pen’s EU vote victory – FT
Meloni and Le Pen: the relationship at the heart of European politics – Financial Times
European Poll’s Fallout Sends Euro, Bonds Tumbling – Bloomberg
Gazprom redujo producción de gas a mínimo anual histórico en 2023 – Reuters
Boeing woes weigh on credit rating as spectre of junk status looms – Financial Times

Wealth Management

Invest Like It’s The Stone Age – Danielle Labotka
¿Dónde está mi dinero hasta que llega a destino? – Azvalor
Is The Economy Weaker Than It Appears? – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Los perfiles que la banca privada necesita para tener éxito – Citywire
Por qué resulta rentable invertir en mercados emergentes – Matt Williams
Why Central Banks’ Inflation Targets Are Wide of the Mark – Market Minder
Is There A Financial Crisis Bubbling Under The Surface? – Michael Maharrey
I Know I’m Supposed To Be Investing. But How Should I Start? – Nicole Dieker
Gold & Oil: Understanding Rather than Fearing Change – Matthew Piepenburg
El Efecto Dunning-Kruger en la Inversión: La Trampa de la sabiduría – Cobas AM
Hagamos que la renta variable europea vuelva a ser grande – Stéphane Boujnah
Will Coming Week’s Inflation & Fed News Cause Markets To Pop Or Drop? – Lance Roberts