Lunes, 25 de septiembre de 2023

Economía Internacional

Bolivia: Santa Cruz crece y se desarrolla con agroindustria e inversión – El Diario
Argentina: Entrevista con Sebastián Piñera, que visita el país en apoyo a Bullrich – LN+
Colombia: La desgracia del pragmatismo moral, Parte 2 – Alberto J. Bernal-León
Colombia: El peso se fortalece a medida que presidente Petro se debilita – Bloomberg
Latin America’s Biggest Water Utility Gears Up for Privatization
– Bloomberg
World’s Top Currency Rally Grows Stronger as a President Weakens – Bloomberg
Investors Unfazed as Morgan Stanley Boosts Chile’s Debt
– Bloomberg
Stocks struggle to shake off Fed rate worries – Yahoo Finance
Why the Fed hasn’t spooked the stock market… yet – Yahoo Finance
Stocks Flash Recession Warning as Trouble Spreads to Industrials
– Bloomberg
Treasuries Extend Selloff, Pushing 10-Year Yield to 16-Year High
– Bloomberg
ECB Must Not Test Economy Until It Breaks, Villeroy Says
– Bloomberg
Core Inflation Gauges Are Falling in US and Euro Zone
– Bloomberg
Betting on a rate cut is ‘premature:’ European Central Bank member – CNBC
Euro Inflation Holds Key to How Long ECB Rate Squeeze Will Last
– Bloomberg
Italia: Meloni modifica su impuesto a la banca – El Economista
Look Inside the Last Moments Before FTX’s Collapse – Thomas Barrabi
Bank CEOs Have Their Heads in the Clouds – Doug French
How To Be Accidentally Right, Central Banking Style – Joakim Book 
Taxation as Social Justice – Michael Munger 
The Dangerous Myth Of Soft Landing – Daniel Lacalle
Brussels trade chief says China-EU ties ‘at a crossroads’ – Financial Times
Oil Steadies Near $90 as Tight Fuel Supplies Lure Hedge Funds
– Bloomberg
Western companies take slow steps towards China ‘de-risking’ – Financial Times
Senior Nomura banker barred from leaving mainland China – Financial Times
Chinese Gold Buying Is Driving a Paradigm Shift in Bullion
– Bloomberg
China Developers Drop Most in 9 Months on Evergrande Woes
– Bloomberg

Wealth Management

Higher For Longer – Joseph Y. Calhoun III
Should You T-Bill and Chill? – Cullen Roche
¿Es posible eludir la incertidumbre? – TDND
¿Cómo tener una mejor jubilación? – Cobas AM
Why Do Bond Yields Keep Rising? – Tom Lauricella
‘Private equity is now king’ for the ultra-rich – CNBC
Defending the Undefendable Investments – Kevin Duffy
Negocios digitales y burbujas financieras – Sergio Clavijo
5 temas para la bolsa de cara al cuarto trimestre – Morningstar
Rogue traders, lower profits and investor-day flops – Patrick Jenkins
Rates Aren’t Coming Down Soon. How to Play Your Portfolio – Barron’s
Why Profitable Artificial Intelligence Boom Hasn’t Busted – Luke Lango
How To Know If You’re Ready to Retire as Soon as 2024 – Katie Brockman
Why Depleted “Excess Savings” Aren’t Economic Headwind – Market Minder
How Fees Affect Your Investment Portfolio, And How to Save – Becca Stanek
‘Dumb Money’ & the Myth of the Wall Street Underdog – John Rekenthaler 
Financiar nuevas minas de litio u otros metales, el dilema de los inversores
It’s Starting to Look Like the Crash of 2000 All Over Again – Dohmen Capital Research